Top 10 Most Common E-Commerce Concepts

Top 10 Most Common E-Commerce Concepts
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E-commerce is among the rapidly rising trends worldwide. Each day, more people prefer shopping online, while the number of sellers opening stores in virtual marketplaces is also on the rise. The impressive development of e-commerce enhances the importance of the concepts used in this sector. If you prefer selling your products on digital platforms or shopping online, it’s essential to learn the significant concepts in the e-commerce field. To help you with issues such as choosing the right product, financial security, and determining the right sales strategy, you can check out our list of the top 10 most popular e-commerce concepts.


Also known as electronic commerce, e-commerce is the name given to conducting any commercial activity over electronic means. For a transaction to be considered e-commerce, the buyer and seller must complete all steps entirely over the internet without meeting face-to-face. Governed by the Electronic Commerce Regulation Act No. 6563, e-commerce can involve the exchange of goods, products, or services.

Digital Commerce

Often used interchangeably with “e-commerce,” the term digital commerce essentially covers the transactions of buying and selling virtual goods. In other words, buying and selling products like clothes, food, and electronics over the internet falls under e-commerce, while transactions involving virtual products and digital services, such as computer games, website subscriptions, and website design, fall under digital commerce.


Short for “Business to Business,” B2B can be translated as “From Company to Company” in Turkish. This term, used to specify the nature of the products or services sold, also explains the business models of companies dealing with e-commerce. The aim of companies operating with a B2B model is to sell, not to the end-user, but to other value-creating firms. Therefore, companies preferring the B2B model primarily conduct wholesale transactions.


Just like B2B, B2C is a business model standing for “Business to Consumer.” Companies operating with a B2C model aim to sell directly to the end consumer and thus mainly prefer retail sales. Companies working with the B2C model offer price advantages to their customers as they deliver products directly from manufacturing to the consumer.


Stands for “Consumer to Consumer,” C2C is used to describe e-commerce transactions for second-hand products. In the C2C business model, the seller is not the producer or supplier of the goods but the previous user.


Translated as “Domain Name” in Turkish, a domain defines the address needed to access websites. Especially sellers who want to set up their own website and conduct e-commerce on that site need to acquire a domain, i.e., a domain name.

Drop Shipping

A stockless e-commerce method, the drop shipping model does not require the seller to physically produce or store products. The seller, having an agreement with a subcontractor manufacturer or supplier, forwards orders as they come in, and the subcontractor firm manufactures or supplies the ordered product directly to the customer.


KVKK stands for “Personal Data Protection Law.” Like all brands, sellers involved in e-commerce are also obligated to protect and keep their customers’ personal data secure. Anyone looking to enter e-commerce is advised to conduct detailed research on KVKK.


Hosting is the service of hosting internet sites on the internet in an accessible manner. Anyone who wants to sell from their own e-commerce site needs to agree with a quality hosting company to keep their websites always active and accessible.


A chatbot on a website allows customers to get live information about the products sold on the site and past orders. Enhancing customer satisfaction and the site’s sales rate, a chatbot can be created with artificial intelligence or monitored by real operators. If you want to learn more about the internet, commerce, digital marketing, and brand management, you can contact CRM Media immediately.

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