What is CDN and What is it Used For?

What is CDN and What is it Used For?
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There are many terms in the internet world that arouse curiosity about what they are. One of these is CDN! The acronym CDN, representing the initials of Content Delivery Network, can be translated into Turkish as içerik dağıtım ağı. To put it more clearly, it is a server network system. CDN directs users who want to access any website to servers located geographically closest to them. In other words, internet users can access services from servers close to them through CDN. CDN is also a cloud computing platform. It stands out by hosting images, videos, code lines, and even content within it on any website. It is responsible for optimizing website details and delivering them to visitors as quickly as possible.


What is CDN?

CDN, known as a content delivery network, covers a large portion of internet content. It is of vital importance for the better performance of websites. In other words, it aims to promise high performance by providing content quickly and seamlessly to visitors, thus enhancing their experiences.


What Does CDN Do?

Website owners take a very correct step by obtaining CDN service for their sites. First of all, the content of the site is copied to CDN servers in a static manner. Site content is delivered to visitors through these servers. CDN is responsible for optimizing content and delivering it from the closest location to visitors. Especially, delivering content such as images, videos, and audio files statically to visitors through CDN is a significant advantage. This enables the website to open and load faster. Visitors do not have to wait for the site to load. The traffic to the site increases. This is crucial, especially for sites selling products and services, aiming to direct more consumers to purchase behavior. CDN also has a positive impact on SEO efforts. Website speed is crucial for SEO. CDN stands out by directly increasing site speed. Thus, the website achieves a much better position in Google search results. It appears at the top. This enables more people to visit the site. Especially e-commerce sites increase their sales of goods and services by reaching more people. In conclusion, CDN should unquestionably be the choice for those who want to invest in a website.


How Does CDN Work?

As much as the question “What is CDN used for?“, there is also a search for an answer to how CDN works. Websites broadcast from a single server in the countries where they operate. Especially for international sites, blogs, and platforms, taking CDN service is not just a requirement but a necessity. Because the website visited by users living in different countries opens faster thanks to the CDN service. In addition, the loading speed of content noticeably increases. It is possible to explain this issue with an example. If a website with a server in Turkey is visited by a user in Europe, the speed of the site decreases and it opens slowly. CDN sends the content of any site to users in different parts of the world via files from the server closest to them.


Which Sites Should Use CDN?

CDN is necessary for websites that have content prepared in different languages, appeal to a wide audience, and have international visitors.

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