What is Google AdSense?

What is Google AdSense?
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Google AdSense, attracting the attention of many website owners who wish to generate income through websites, is a system that allows for easy income generation for free. As long as the necessary steps are properly completed and AdSense policies are not violated, this system, which is a highly efficient source of income, places ads on pages where website content is located. Google pays website owners for the display of these ads, with payment based on the number of clicks by visitors.

The question of what Google AdSense is, is as important as the details about how the system works. AdSense is a system that automatically allows companies wanting to advertise to reach the owners of websites where the ads will be published, through an auction system that ensures the ads of the highest bidding companies are published.

How to Apply for Google AdSense?

The steps you need to follow to use this system are as important as topics like what Google AdSense is and how it is used. To apply for AdSense, you first need to have a Gmail account and sign up through the Google AdSense Application Page with this account.

On the Google AdSense registration page, after filling out your personal information and specifying your website’s address, you should carefully read the Terms of Service Agreement found in the application form and check whether your site complies with it. After completing the necessary steps, Google reviews your filled form and your site, and then makes a positive or negative return. If you receive approval in the first stage, you should log into your AdSense account, create a code, and add it to your site.

After completing these operations, the ad section on your site will appear empty in the first stage, and during this period, Google analyzes your site more thoroughly to check its compliance with AdSense policies. Websites that receive a positive note at this stage can start publishing ads.

What Are the Application Conditions for Google AdSense?

The information you provide and the qualities of your website when applying for Google AdSense to earn money are factors that determine whether your application will be approved. Therefore, it is beneficial to carefully provide your information in full to meet the application conditions. Also, the name used in the application for receiving payment in exchange for ads from the Google AdSense service must exactly match the name on your bank account. To ensure a smooth approval process, you must comply with AdSense policies:

The content where AdSense ads are published should not contain any other advertising content. Sites where ads are published should not contain pornographic content. The “AdSense Program Policies” text should be read and accepted. You should not already have an approved AdSense account. For the tax and other legal processes to proceed smoothly, the site owner must be at least 18 years old. The relevant website must be of high quality in terms of content and form.

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How Are Google AdSense Earnings Taxed?

The question of how to earn money with Google AdSense is as significant as the issues about taxation for website owners. Earnings below a certain amount on the Google AdSense platform are not liable for income and corporate taxes, but if AdSense earnings have the nature of a continuous commercial income, then they are subject to tax. For these earnings to be taxed, the site owner must establish a sole proprietorship or a corporation and invoice Google or the paying companies.

AdSense earnings are also liable for VAT in addition to corporate or income tax. If the income owner is under the age of 29 and earns income as a sole proprietorship, they can be exempt from income tax up to 75,000 TL thanks to state incentives. The rate of each tax is calculated as a percentage of the earnings:

  • 20% for corporate tax paid by capital companies
  • Between 15% and 35% for income tax paid by sole proprietorships
  • 18% VAT rate per invoice

Additionally, website owners with internet advertising revenue must submit BTRANS to the Revenue Administration monthly. BTRANS is a report that includes the address of the website where the advertisement is published, the information of the website owner, the information of the individuals or organizations advertising, and the amounts collected in exchange for advertising services. At CRM Media, we offer services that ensure your website is of high quality in compliance with SEO criteria and AdSense policies, enabling it to earn high revenue. To use your website more effectively and profitably, you can contact us immediately.

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