Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is the combination of indicators that demonstrate how a corporation projects its image to the outside world. The concepts that characterize a company’s internal and external posture and conduct, in short, its image, constitute the company’s corporate identity.

To put it in other words, a company’s face reflects its business identity both domestically and internationally. Identification ambiguity in businesses is avoided thanks to corporate identity. A well-designed company brand earns the respect of clients, target audiences, and other businesses. Apart from that, because successful and memorable corporate identities are internalized by firms, it raises the prestige of organizations in the eyes of customers and helps them to stay in mind longer.

Essential elements of brand identity:

The title of the company is the most basic element of brand identity. The company’s title, as a key component of brand identity, assists you in distinguishing your products and services from those of your competitors. A distinctive logo design is a visual clue that forms and distinguishes your stationery style.

Each shade of color has its own meaning, connotation, and elicits a particular set of feelings. Color balance communicates your message to the correct audience, making your brand distinctive. With well-designed stationery that helps raise your organization’s image, you may promote your corporate style in any sector.

What Is Included in Corporate Identity Service?

There are several components of corporate identity. To exemplify the corporate identity elements, consider the following: the company’s products and their packaging, exhibitions, fairs, fairs organized by companies, letterheads, envelopes, files used by companies inside and outside the institution, the environment in which companies are located, such as buildings, offices, or construction sites, signboards, and other various orientation tools. Corporate publications and reports issued by companies, catalogs, advertisements or brochures of companies, business cards of company employees, invoices, delivery notes, and collection letters issued on behalf of the company, flags of the company, promotional products such as notebooks, calendars, or agendas can all be listed as items that comprise the company’s corporate identity.



During the process of developing a corporate identity, we start with a brief to clearly establish the message the company want to convey and then create a road map to get there. We brainstorm ideas on how the brand will express what it wants to say and shape how the message will reach the target demographic as quickly as possible. We begin the research process by identifying the components that influence corporate identity, such as the company's posture, tone of voice, masculine or feminine brand features, selected visuals, and colors. After selecting the appropriate solutions, we give them to our customer and go on to the manufacturing phase.



During the production phase, we first establish the foundation for the overall identity, which includes corporate identity components such as files, letterheads, envelopes, and business cards. We present our initial set to our consumers after developing it in this manner. We make preparations based on our clients' requirements.



We deliver the corporate identity works that we have meticulously produced for you in all design formats, and if you so request , we will also submit these designs to the channels where they will be printed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Identity

We wanted to address some of your concerns before beginning your Corporate Identity work with CRM Medya. To help you avoid making mistakes while developing your Corporate Identity, we have developed a list of commonly asked questions from our clients.

  • What is corporate identity?

    As the name implies, corporate identity is the image, namely identity, of a corporation, institution, foundation, or other similar organization that defines its stance both within and outside the firm.

  • What is included in a corporate identity package?

    We start the construction of your company’s corporate identity with a logo. The process of developing a corporate identity encompasses all of the advertising and graphic design elements that comprise the overall visual face, such as the logo, corporate slogan, business card, brochure, letterhead, and catalog. At this point, we begin with the logo by establishing the colors, and then we outfit these logos and slogans on additional promotional items.

  • What are your pricing criteria?

    We put in the majority of our effort at the very beginning, when we exhibit our creative work. We establish the character of the design and then apply technical efforts that will reflect the same meaning to all materials since the materials will constitute a harmony. Budgets are defined by the number of pages and other information when just catalog work is involved.

  • Do you provide printing services as well?

    We do not directly provide printing services; instead, we cooperate with partners that do. We may state that we provide consultancy services. We offer advice on material information as part of the consultancy service. We do not have a physical printing process, but we do assist with the application process.