Ads In Mobile Applications

With more applications being developed daily, the mobile world is becoming more and more popular. In the rapidly expanding mobile environment, you may simply boost the number of downloads or promote your program by publishing ads.

According to Google statistics, the utilization rate for mobile devices is getting close to 75%. CRM Medya supports you at each step to keep up a strong presence in the rapidly expanding mobile environment.

In mobile application advertising, like with all of our services, we follow the idea of minimum cost and maximum efficiency. We continually strive for better results in our campaigns, which we conduct independently for each digital channel.

Mobile Search ads allow you to target consumers who are already looking for similar apps on their mobile devices. These ads are an excellent method to get your app in front of individuals who are likely to be interested.

Increase the Number of Downloads with App Promotional Ads

The simplest and most efficient method to increase downloads is through app promotion advertisements, formerly known as “click-to-download” ads. The majority of the customization is done of for you with this ad type.

Important: Such ads can be positioned using the App/Digital Content Ad template on the Search Network and Display Network.

Frequently Asked Questions About App Ads

We would like to address some of your queries about CRM Medya before you start mobile application advertising business. We have compiled commonly asked questions from our clients for you so that you do not make wrong decisions throughout the application advertising process.

  • Where do mobile app advertisements appear?

    Google play entries, Google search network, display network, play store search results, YouTube videos on iOS and Android devices, and Google display network publisher sites can all be included as places where mobile app adverts appear.

  • How do app promotion ads function?

    App promotion ads make it easier to download your app by referring the users directly to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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