Programmatic Advertising

It should be noted that brand new advertisement options are prevalent in the 2020s. One of them is programmatic advertising! Programmatic advertising provides numerous advantages over traditional advertising methods. Many people wonder what programmatic advertising is.

What exactly is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is a purchasing option that involves exchanges to interact the publisher and the advertiser. Although it is entirely data-driven, immediate offers and certain related approaches play a significant role. Human decision-making is inhibited in automated advertising purchasing operations. In other words, all procurement operations are carried out using software-generated conclusions.

Real-time bidding is sometimes confused with programmatic advertising. However, real-time bidding is simply one of the programmatic advertising purchasing approaches.

Terms Used in Programming

Programmatic advertising is known by many different names. Advertisers, publishers, and the locations where these transactions occur all play a part in this advertising strategy. Furthermore, it should be noted that many phrases establish a position for themselves.

  • DSP (Demand-Side Platform): It is also known as “Talep yönlü platform” in Turkish. Demand-side platforms are software that incorporates the requests of advertisers. DSP software is particularly appealing as a tool that allows advertisers to purchase ad spots.
  • SSP (Supply – Side Platform): It is translated into Turkish as “Arz yönlü platform” . The industry has evolved dramatically as a result of programmatic advertising. Because, prior to programmatic, broadcasters needed to reach out to advertisers, t hey were even in charge of selling ad spaces. However, this was a manual procedure. This procedure was transformed from manual to automatic thanks to a program. SSP is a technology used by publishers to integrate their inventory with ad exchanges.
  • Ad Exchange: It may also be referred to as ad exchanges. It is well-known as a marketplace for advertising and inventory. The Ad Exchange is where websites and ad networks meet advertisers and agencies seeking to buy inventory.
  • RTB (Real Time Bidding): It can be translated into Turkish as “Gerçek Zamanlı Fiyatlama”. It may be stated as the programmatic advertising operating premise. It is described as the process of bidding for advertising space. Programmatic advertising requires an understanding to this alternative, known as a digital auction., which is of great importance. There are, however, certain distinctions between it and a typical auction. Because of machine learning, the auction takes occur in milliseconds. The advertising of the advertiser who makes the highest bid and satisfies the necessary parameters is shown in the ad space until the website opens.
  • DMP (Data Management Platform): It is a platform for data management. It is described as the information gleaned by classifying the user’s data and storing it in the data management center. It is very important for advertisers in developing the most effective advertising strategies.