Google Ads ( Adwords)

One of the most favored platforms for bringing relevant people to your website is Ads (Adwords), which is owned by Google. With Ads (Adwords), you can make the most of the daily millions of searches conducted on Google while also developing a number of campaigns and adverts for your company or brand that will place you at the top of relevant search results on Google.

How Does Google Adwords (Ads) Work?

Thousands of websites linked to that word are shown in front of us when you conduct a search on Google. But among thousands of websites, it is difficult to rank on the first page. Ads from Google Ads (Adwords) are relevant in this situation.

Your website will be pushed to the top of the search results with Google Ads (Adwords). Many potential clients will see your brand or company when you use Adwords advertisements. You may also control the timing and location of your advertising using Google Ads (Adwords).

With the help of Google Ads, you can target websites that are relevant to your product both in search results and on those websites themselves, ensuring that these websites see your ads. Additionally, you may use Google Ads to target local and national news websites that cover real estate. For your brand or company to gain new clients online, Adwords was established.

Google Advertisements allows you to develop ads that target customers who are ready to buy your product or service. When searching for your business, online customers can select whether or not to click on your ad.

Market and Word Research

Market and Word Research

First, you and your competitors are identified, and the appropriate marketing and targeting are developed. To assist you in achieving your objectives in a timely manner, your brand's visibility in digital media is thoroughly examined and optimized. Furthermore, your rivals in the same market, as well as related word analysis, are performed using tools such as Ahrefs, Semruh, Google Trends, and Keyword Planner, and your campaigns are built in light of this information.

Account Creation

Account Creation

If you have a Google ADS and Analytics account for your brand and intend to keep using them, the account ID is asked and connected under the MM account, existing campaigns are halted, and a new campaign configuration is made. If a new account is needed, one is setup under the agency's Google Ads MM account for the project/service. Remarketing and conversion codes are developed. In addition, Tag Manager Account, Conversion Connector, Google Ads Conversion, Remarketing, Google Analytics, and Yandex Metrica tags are produced.

Account Setup

Account Setup

The appropriate campaigns are created depending on your target audience. Ads that are cost-effective are developed without the use of advanced techniques that limit irrelevant traffic or the amount of impressions. The channels where your target audience is situated are thoroughly investigated, and campaigns tailored to your site structure are created. Special campaigns are developed for each media and site structure, ensuring proper budget management.



The designed campaigns are regularly optimized. As a result, campaign performances are consistently improved. These optimizations, such as location, time, remarketing lists, and search phrase optimizations, are designed to improve the quality of incoming visitors.



To offer you with information on your search engine advertising efforts, detailed reports are generated. These reports make it simple to understand what is going on with your campaigns, targeting, and expenditure. Reports are sent to consumers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions About ADS Ads

We wanted to answer some of the questions you have in mind just before you start working on Google Ads (Adwords) with CRM Medya. In order not to make poor decisions in the advertising process, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

  • What are the types of Google Ads campaigns?

    Search campaign, display campaign, ad network campaign, shopping campaign, video campaign, and universal application campaign are the several types of Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns.

  • Is demographic targeting possible with Adwords ads?

    In Google Ads (Adwords) advertising, you may target age, gender, and parental status.

  • Is it possible to target a specific country or region?

    Google Advertising (Adwords) ads may target countries, regions, and cities. You may pick the radius of the spots you designate on the map while generating these targets.

  • What is the difference between search and display advertising models?

    Google Search advertisements, also known as search ads, are designed to reach out to potential consumers by using terms related to your company and services. Advertising placed in this network appear as text ads on Search partner sites in the search network as well as in Google search results. Display advertising are published on over 2 million websites, videos, and applications. People see advertising from search in display ads, but not in search ads.

  • How to place Google Shopping ads?

    Google shopping ads provide detailed information about the products you have for sale. Shopping ads can generally cover product shopping ads that introduce only one product or showcase shopping ads that offer several products together. To prepare shopping ads, product information is prepared in Google Merchant Center and shopping campaigns are created in

  • What factors influence AdWords advertising budgets?

    In Google Adwords, you may set a daily budget for each campaign based on your advertising goals and the overall amount you want to spend each day. If desired, this budget can be modified at any moment. When calculating the Adwords advertising budget, campaign and targeting kinds should be considered.

  • What are GDN ads?

    GDN advertising are abbreviated for Google Display Network. The Google Display Network is a collection of over 2 million websites, videos, and applications that display adverts published on Google Adsense contracted websites.

  • What is re-marketing?

    Re-marketing, also known as re-targeting, refers to contacting consumers who have previously interacted with your website or mobile app. Re-marketing enables you to carefully put your adverts in front of audiences that are visiting Google or partner websites. As a result, brand recognition grows, and the purchasing process for the public becomes more practical and speedier.

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