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Web software refers to coding work done in a computer environment to control and accelerate business processes. Web software includes all software and plug-ins installed on web servers. While web design is insufficient on its own, web software is far more useful when combined. It is absolutely essential to write web software correctly in order for the website to function properly. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo, which are examples of the world’s most prominent web software, were built with popular software like ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript, Flash, and Microsoft Silverlight.

By coding with HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and, CRM Medya produces software for your websites that you can easily manage and offer special systems to your customers. We also offer web software applications with special panels for businesses to our customers who want web software service, and we develop software modules that will contribute by analyzing the needs.

With Microsoft ASP.NET, PHP, HTML5, and CSS3 web software apps within CRM Medya, we design software that is 100% compliant with the Google search engine and capable of handling large rates of hits. We give you the hardware you require in high quality with our professional web software that will make a difference with its quality infrastructure.

CRM Medya Web Software Solutions

You may manage all of your business online from a single channel with our web software, which covers all sorts of services that require business administration and online manageability. We can provide a few instances of these:

  • B2B Solutions
  • CMS Solutions
  • Web Based Accountancy
  • ERP, CRM Solutions
  • Web Software Solutions Customized for Your Project


To make a website with a web design manageable, a site analysis is performed initially to determine the components. An algorithm is designed after gathering needs and desires. The information given by the customer, the requirements, and the comprehensive collection of the web design are critical for the website to function properly.



In line with the algorithm devised, the panel infrastructure that you may administer online is beginning to be built using one of the software languages such as ASP.NET, PHP. The modules of the website's controllable sections are produced with the aspects of simple usage for the person who controls the modules in mind.



The panel, whose software is designed to make the website coded as HTML + CSS comprehensible, is incorporated into the web design. Design changes that arise during integration are avoided. Depending on the agreement, content is added and subsequently site administration support is offered.



The demo URL is published and all material is uploaded to the site when the administration panel is produced and incorporated into the web design. The customer controls the demo link, and if the client approves, the database is moved to the server of the domain name to be published, a file transfer is performed, and the file is published.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Software

We wanted to address some of your queries before you begin working on web apps with CRM Medya. To assist you in avoiding mistakes throughout the software development process, we have developed a list of commonly asked questions from our clients.

  • What is web software?

    Web software is software that offers capabilities to HTML-coded webpages. Websites may now be edited via a panel without the need for coding skills thanks to this program.

  • What is the difference between web software and web design?

    The major distinguishing aspect of web software over web design is its dynamic architecture. While web design is the front end that the user can see, the web software that operates on the back is the framework that creates the backbone of the content, graphics and other functional aspects that appear on the front side.

  • Can we have customized software enhancements developed for us?

    Although our CRM Medya software is packaged software, it also allows for specific studies to be conducted in accordance with the demands of the organization and the nature of the project at hand. CRM Medya incorporates in the software development pool all development requests that can add value to the product it creates and includes them in the planned upgrades. Aside from that, it answers to highly particular yet critical development demands for businesses.

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