Twitter Advertisements

The number of Twitter users keeps increasing day by day. Despite the fact that Twitter was not widely used in our nation until recently, it has grown in popularity in the previous 1.5 years. With over 20 million Turkish users, the network has become a popular advertising channel for marketers.

Twitter provided three distinct advertising methods. In 2015, the platform expanded substantially and began to offer customers in a broader geographic region with six new advertising strategies. Advertisers employ some of these new advertising models pretty often.

For businesses that want to advertise on Twitter, there are various advertiseemnt options. Within these frameworks, brands may achieve their goals and build campaigns.Take a closer look at these advertisement models:

Interaction Through Twitter

It is an advertising method that enables you to emphasize your tweets on Twitter in order to interact with your followers. You may also show off your tweets to new people.

Website Clicks or Conversions

In this advertising approach, you can use your Tweets to drive traffic to your website and encourage people to perform actions such as purchases and subscriptions.

App Reactions or App Installs

If you have a mobile app, you may show it to your audience and encourage them to download it. It is also possible to show your app to users who have already used it under this marketing strategy.

Views on Video

You can improve the number of people who watch the videos you post on Twitter.


You may increase the number of people who follow you on Twitter.

Twitter Referrals

This is how you may gather emails from Twitter users who are interested in your offerings.

Page Analytics

Page Analytics

Before beginning Twitter advertisements, the customer's website and page must be analyzed. Advertising models are developed based on market research and client expectations. Images, text, and videos are generated by us or requested by the customer for inclusion in the specified Twitter ad models. The advertisements are released after the prepared Twitter ad models have been approved.

Account Optimization

Account Optimization

Targeting is done in based on  multiple criteria  such as geography, age, gender, and interests in line with the information received from the consumer in the initial step of the Twitter Ads process. To improve the success of their ads, optimization should be done in every 3 - 5 - 7 days interval. Detailed optimization work is carried out during the optimization process based on the performance of the running ads. It is aimed  to reach the appropriate target audience by selecting the appropriate audience, age range, gender, and geography. The process continues by either shutting or launching new advertising models that increase the expense of advertising.



A complete weekly or monthly report on the Twitter ad work performed is delivered in accordance with the customer's requirements (Form, Impression, Like, Site Visit...). The data in the produced report is totally consistent with the data supplied by the Twitter panel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Twitter Ads

Before you start working on Twitter Ads with CRM Medya, we wanted to address some of the concerns you may have. We've developed a list of commonly asked questions from our clients to help you avoid making mistakes during the Twitter Ads process.

  • How to track the performance of Twitter Ads?

    You can track your ads traffic and organic reach using Twitter’s sophisticated analytics tool. To shape your plan, study each user’s engagement with the Tweet and utilize the knowledge gleaned from this to find the sorts of material that your target audience engages with the most.

  • What are the Twitter ads targeting options?

    You can reach the correct users by using targeting choices such as username, device, location, keyword, and interest.

  • How are Twitter advertisements priced?

    Twitter ads pricing varies depending on the ad model. Contacting our specialist team members will provide you with precise answers to any inquiries you may have regarding Twitter advertisements.

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