Digital Media Planning and Procurement

Digital Media Planning and Procurement Services with CRM Media

As digital marketing methods expand, so do different branches of these strategies. Online ads, one of the most significant sectors of digital marketing today, is an area that is fully open to innovation and improvement in order to reach more people and produce better outcomes. In this virtual environment that is always changing, dozens of channels and hundreds of advertising spaces based on these channels are available to businesses who wish to advertise.

What Do Media Purchasing Agencies Do?

Digital media purchasing agencies, which play a critical role in online advertising, are a unit that creates a road map based on decisions taken in accordance with the analyses and reports provided by media planning agencies. In accordance with these judgments, media buying firms select the most effective advertising areas and determine which media advertising areas are appropriate for the target demographic, while taking purchase decisions into consideration. The primary objective of media purchasing agencies is to ensure that the promoted business, product, or service is marketed at the lowest possible cost and with the greatest possible efficiency according to the criteria established by the media planning agency.

What Do Media Planning Agencies Do?

The performance criteria that are most effective in the field of media planning and procurement are identified by digital media planning firms, and an advertising campaign for the business is planned based on such criteria. In the rapidly developing and changing field of digital marketing, media planning companies play a critical role.
Because only an excellent media planning procedure can enable effective analysis of the trends and advertising strategies that evolve daily. By taking into account the strategic plans of the brand, product, or service to be advertised, as well as the KPIs and the circumstances of the time, it is advantageous to engage with a professional media planning firm to maintain an effective advertising activity.
A media planning agency’s primary objective is to develop the most effective campaign possible by extensively researching the company’s target audience, proper strategy, and market in which the brand operates.

Sales and Lead Focused Ads

Sales and lead-oriented advertising assist in the promotion of the product or service in question through a marketing strategy geared at sales and new consumers. Ads that seek to reach the target audience through direct sales via video advertising, e-mail marketing, and mobile advertising deliver optimum performance in marketing and sales.
CRM Medya’s new generation and skilled media planning services offer low costs and maximum efficiency for your business or brand. You can contact us right now if you want to take effective measures in digital marketing.

Media  Planning

Media Planning

We have an original framework in digital media planning and procurement operations that creates atypical performance criteria and defines campaign success based on these criteria. We establish the brand's strategy and planning in accordance with KPIs and current conditions; we strive for maximum performance by continually optimizing this strategy and planning with updates in response to changing situations. While we are performance-oriented actors, our primary focus is on user-friendly advertising methods, which are becoming more popular in our nation and throughout the world. We accurately assess the brand's target audience, strategy, and competitive analysis and guarantee that it is properly positioned in the digital world.



Campaign-oriented operation is the process that consists of the preparations for  media advertising, the as well as  the appropriate creatives, the correct use of the panels to start the ads, the proper addressing, the selection of data suited for the campaign purpose, and daily follow-up.



To continually improve the process, we track each text, image, and targeting combination with its own link. This allows for immediate intervention and optimization. In this regard, we carry out the necessary improvements with quick revisions, offer new options to replace low-performing channels with swift actions, assure complete brand synchronization, and conduct a successful campaign.



We differentiate ourselves from the industry's traditional reporting and measurement metrics by optimizing your ad conversions from the first click to the final instant and reporting them with all the specifics. We publish precise, quantifiable, and intelligible details on a regular basis, and these data may also be seen online through a spreadsheet. We follow the outcome of every convert we submit until the very last moment in these reports and utilize this data to steer our future efforts.

Customer Focused Communication

Customer Focused Communication

In order to sustain satisfaction, we regularly assess if the desired results are being achieved and readjust expectations. As a result, the brand is placed in a framework that allows it to easily convey its wants and dissatisfactions, where they are properly handled and analyzed, and where the appropriate measures and controls are regularly implemented to avoid the same discontent from recurring. In our interactions with the brand, we provide a customer-oriented strategy based on trust, transparency, responsibility, ongoing development, and result-orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Media Planning

We would like to address some of your concerns before you start Media Planning with CRM Media. We have developed a list of commonly asked questions from our clients for you to avoid making poor decisions throughout the digital media purchasing process.

  • What factors should be addressed before selecting a means of communication?

    The audiences that media outlets address and the audiences of their contractual publications varies. When selecting a means of communication, the brand’s demand, target, audience, budget, and campaign duration should all be dealt with separately, and acceptable channels should be defined.

  • What should I do if I do not want to waste my money?

    Every cent of the advertising budget is explicitly defined in advance and provided to you for approval at CRM Media. We start with your agreement, and realistic budgets are reported daily. In this way, the initial circumstances are not deviated from and are followed.

  • What is a KPI?

    A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) can be considered  as a target to be achieved. KPIs should be developed specifically for each industry and even for each product. Because each industry and campaign has its own dynamics and, as a result, changeable priorities.

  • What is Big Data?

    Big data refers to all of the information obtained from numerous sources, such as social media postings, network logs, blogs, images, videos, log files, and so on, and transforming it into a meaningful and processable format. Big data, when read correctly and analyzed properly, helps companies to make better strategic decisions, manage risks, and innovate.

  • Why is it important to use data effectively in the digital age?

    Each digital fingerprint left by internet users generates data. The capability to identify new patterns through data analysis and interpretation allows businesses to achieve a competitive advantage in digital advertising. Receiving, evaluating, and integrating data into campaigns in order to create a meaningful whole for the brand saves businesses money and effort. In this manner, the right person is reached in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest possible cost.

  • What exactly is DMP?

    Data Management Platform: It is a programmatic network that produces categories by tagging user movements with cookies and then offers the data to DSPs, allowing for a successful target audience research.

  • What is DSP?

    A Demand Side Platform (DSP) is a mechanism that allows the purchasing of the ad space. The tool assists advertisers in collecting the most appropriate digital data and going to auction at the same time.

  • What is SSP?

    Platform for Supply: It is similar to a DSP in that it allows for better ad management around the publisher. In a nutshell, these are platforms that allow publishers with display, video, native, or mobile inventory to sell ad space in their inventory to advertisers via software.

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