Snapchat Advertisements

Snapchat, an instant messaging program with several advertising potential, has over 150 million daily users. In this regard, Snapchat, which has numerous unique features, impresses with its popularity.

The site, which is largely used by young people aged 15 to 25, is fast growing in popularity, thanks in part to its continually updated filters.

Companies that create advertisements for young audiences are specifically scrutinizing Snapchat. Companies typically like the platform since it provides a variety of advertising options. CRM Medya employs digital marketing professionals to carry out our campaigns on platforms such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Snapchat.

Sponsor Filter Ads on Snapchat

Snapchat users have almost certainly encountered sponsored filters. Filter advertising, which are more commonly selected by major corporations, include updated filters and allow consumers to take images of your items. This manner, your items will be known to all users.

Discover Ads

Other ads areas where your advertising will appear include Discover and friends’ stories. Displaying advertisements in the form of 10-second films in these regions enhances the likelihood that the advertisements will be fully seen.

It is also feasible to boost the amount of visits to your website by including links into video adverts. With sites like “purchase” or “get more information,” you can convert visitors into clients.

Sponsor Filters for Geofilters

Geofilter Filters is a customer-friendly ads type that allows region-based broadcasting. As a result of your advertising being published based on the geography of your audience, you will be able to run filter ads with a lower budget.

App Ads

App ads are advertisements that may be displayed with a 10-second gif or video. Snapchat users are driven to your apps in the App Store or Google Play by these advertising. In Snapchat advertisements, app ads are typically favoured.

Page Analyzer

Page Analyzer

Before beginning Snapchat ads, the customer's website and page should be analyzed. Advertising models are developed based on market research and client expectations. Images, text, and videos are developed by us or requested by the customer for inclusion in the Snapchat ads models that have been defined. The ads are released when the Snapchat ads models are confirmed.

Account Optimisation

Account Optimisation

Targeting is accomplished in based on several criteria such as geography, age, gender, and hobbies in line with the information received from the consumer in the initial step of the Snapchat Ads process. To improve the success of their adverts, optimization should be done at 3 - 5 - 7 day intervals. Detailed optimization work is carried out during the optimization phase based on the performance of the running adverts. Its goal is to reach the appropriate target audience by selecting the appropriate audience, age range, gender, and geography. The process will continues with either closing or launching new advertisement models that increase the expense of advertising.



A complete weekly or monthly report on the Snapchat ads work done is delivered in accordance with the customer's expectations (Form, Impression, Like, Site Visit...). The data in the prepared report is totally consistent with the data supplied by the Snapchat panel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Snapchat Ads

We wanted to address some of your questions about CRM Medya shortly before Snapchat advertisements started. We've developed a list of frequently asked questions from our clients for you to avoid making mistakes in your Snapchat advertising efforts.

  • What is the best way to advertise on Snapchat?

    You have several alternatives for placing your ads on Snapchat. With the campaign phases carried out by specialists, you may select the one that optimizes the return while also being budget-friendly. As a result, the best Snapchat advertising model for your organization is selected, and the task is completed appropriately.