Web Design

CRM Medya, one of Turkey’s leading agencies, offers corporate web design, web software, corporate identity design, and digital marketing solutions to its customers. Our main focus in our web design process is to deliver the most correct visual messages to your target audience, which we define as a production process where art and creative ideas are merged together, which goes far beyond being a “business” for us. When your clients seek for you in the digital realm, the most lasting and successful approach to express your brand message is to develop an easy-to-use and flawlessly designed website.

CRM Medya and Web Design Services

CRM Medya consistently generates visual designs in web design jobs that use global and modern lines. CRM Medya, which specializes in both fast-loading websites and SEO-compliant web design, employs cutting-edge frameworks and code structures in its software. CRM Medya’s work, which creates current web interface designs, is also SEO friendly and has a good conversion rate.

CRM Medya not only designs your website, but also develops your design to effectively deliver your message and helps you in communications and graphics. During the content creation process and the stages of adding material to your site, we pay close attention to the following points:

  • Content compatibility with your brand.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Assuring that the content is consistent with the design and graphics.
  • Identifying and adding terms that your target audience may readily understand.


The Brief is the best approach to find out how your website should be structured. In this manner, the project owner must express the brand's or product's target audience, the content of the product or service, and the fiction that he or she planned or can suggest in writing/verbally. Time and price are explained in accordance with the briefs provided, and the customer is informed about the process. The project starts with the submission of the necessary documentation.



Web design specialists produce a flawless user-friendly interface (UI/UX) design for a gratifying web experience based on the customer's needs and the documentation given by the client. The finished design is submitted to the buyer for approval. With the customer's feedback and adjustments, a consensus is reached, and the design is forwarded to the coding team.



Our skilled coding team prepares the accepted design for publishing by employing the most up-to-date SEO-friendly coding infrastructure. To prevent people from leaving the site quickly, the long loading time is minimized, and if there are broken links or pictures that do not open, all modifications are done before being published. A well-coded website is swiftly indexed by search engines and generates a financial return for you.



After the coding  phase is completed, the website is delivered to the customer for approval, which is the final step before it is released. Before the consumer receives the website, they perform final reviews and, if necessary, submit adjustments. When the modifications are finished, it is delivered for final approval, and delivery is not hampered.



After receiving the domain name and hosting details for the website to be published, we do the required installation and changes. If the customer does not want to disclose the hosting information, he or she provides us FTP information while approving just the platform via which we will transfer the files via the hosting panel. The file transfer is offered and published whenever the file upload platform is available.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design

We would like to address some of your questions before you start working on Web Design with CRM Medya. To help you avoid making mistakes throughout the design process, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions from our clients.

  • What is Web Design?

    Web design is a special design that is developed in a way that internet browsers can view in order to increase the reliability of your brand to your customers, meet the demands of your visitors, and tell your customers what they want to know quickly and clearly without unnecessary, confusing design elements.

  • What is the procedure for designing a website?

    The design is made in accordance with the customer’s briefs. The completed design is provided to the customer for review; if adjustments are required, the final touches are applied, and the work is handed to the coding team. Our coding team prepares the designs for publishing using the most up-to-date code infrastructure, with a focus on Google friendliness, SEO compatibility, and quick loading times. Finally, the customer is given the design’s functionality in a demo link, and following approval, the site is published on the domain name using the file uploader (FTP) platform.

  • What is the difference between ready-made and customized web design?

    We suggest ready-made web design as a type of WordPress infrastructure for our  consumers with limited budget. It is a form of site design that is created by changing a pre-made wordpress theme with the corporate color, content, and graphics of the upcoming project. Custom web design is a sort of web design that is created specifically for a brand or product of infrastructure needed to display the aims, wants, goods, or services of consumers who do not have financial constraints and is developed using SEO compliant, speed performance. Using either WordPress infrastructure or ASP.NET infrastructure, we may transform the carefully created site design into a dynamic infrastructure with a management panel. Custom web design provides greater benefits than ready-made web design. It is more beneficial than ready-made web design because of its clean and quality code infrastructure, search engine friendliness, and emphasis on user experience. characteristics.

  • Will I be able to manage my own website?

    If you want a dynamic website that must be updated on a regular basis, we will integrate a management panel built using WordPress or unique software into your website. This allows you to edit the region of your website that you want without having to learn code and add new pages or goods.

  • How are web design costs calculated?

    First and foremost, we listen to the customer’s goals, preferences, and needs. It is decided if a dynamic or corporate promotion site is wanted in this approach. If it is a corporate marketing site, the number of pages, the amount of action on the site, how long it will take to produce, and a pricing offer are all supplied. A pricing offer is submitted for dynamic websites, i.e. websites with a management panel, by estimating the management panel coding and user interface coding time depending on content, service, or product management.

  • What is the difference between static and dynamic websites?

    A static website is a structure that is developed and provided once using HTML infrastructure, in which the product or service is introduced in accordance with the customer’s demands. If the individual who wants to update the website later does not know how to code, he or she will be unable to do it. The structure given with a management panel where the product or service is shown, where they may edit, delete, or add at any moment, even if they do not have coding knowledge, is referred to as a dynamic website.

  • What is the significance of mobile compatibility in web design?

    With today’s technology, you can make your website comprehensible even on small screens for mobile phones that we don’t drop from our hands, and turn it into a platform where everything sought can be quickly discovered, opening it up to more visitors. You may emphasize the quality and dependability of your brand or service.