Facebook Ads

One of the best platforms for businesses to promote their products or services to users of social media is Facebook ads. One of the most popular social media platforms for advertising is Facebook, which unites people of all ages, socioeconomic classes, and hobbies and has the most users in Turkey and many other countries.
In order to succeed with Facebook advertising considering the large number of the Facebook user base, some criteria should be carefully considered in view of care and accuracy. By focusing your ad on a certain nation, city, gender, age, age range, keyword, marital status, level of education, or job title, you may easily interact with the people you’re after. You may use your money to reach the people who are most interested in your products in this way.

Models for Facebook Ads

Facebook offers businesses a diverse range of advertising experiences through a variety of advertising formats as one of the biggest social media platforms. On Facebook, which connects marketers and consumers with story advertisements, loop ads, Messenger ads, collection ads, canvas ads, playable ads, and slide show ads, notably graphic ads and video ads, it is feasible to reach enormous audiences with the correct advertising approach.
These ad models will help you make great improvements in post engagement, page likes and event response rates.


With the video function, you can effortlessly draw people’s attention while showcasing all of your product’s characteristics.


You may use high-quality photos on websites and applications that you wish to attract users to.


To entice consumers to shop, you might present your cataloged items in a personalized approach.


Up to 10 pieces of data, each with a unique link, can be published in a single advertisement.


To broadcast as video advertising, you may develop your story as slideshows in Ads Manager. This enhances the impact of your tale by adding audio, video, and text elements.

Swift Experience

This method, formerly known as Canvas, makes your ads full-screen and mobile-friendly.

Ads for Lead Generation

Lead ads on Facebook and Instagram are one way to fast receive information from individuals who are interested in your product or service. When people interact with such ads, which are presented as pictures, videos, or loops, a lead form appears next.


Discounts that you may share on Facebook are compiled under the caption of “Proposals”. The proposals ad can be designed as an image, video or loop.

Post Interaction

To increase the number of likes, comments, shares, and photo views, you may highlight the posts on your page.

Event Responses

You may employ event response ads and design your ads as photos or videos to boost the visibility of your event and obtain more feedback on your product.

How Are Facebook Ads Measured?

The effectiveness of advertising in digital marketing is measured using a variety of indicators. The number of people reached by the post, the interaction rate (the number of likes, comments, and shares), the click-through rate, the referral traffic to the website where the ad work is done, the ad cost per conversion, and the investment revenue are some of the metrics for Facebook advertisements.
You may either inspect each one individually or enlist the aid of measuring tools that evaluate them all and provide you reports in bulk. You may either use measuring tools that evaluate all of them and provide you reports in bulk, or you can inspect each one manually.

Page Analyzer

Page Analyzer

The customer's website and page must be analyzed before Facebook ads are launched. The advertisement models are chosen based on the analysis and customers’ expectations. In order to be used in the selected Facebook ad models, we either develop the images, text, and videos, or the customer asks them. The advertisements are released after the developed Facebook ad models have been approved.

Account Optimization

Account Optimization

According to the data obtained from the client, targeting is performed at the initial stage of the advertising process using a variety of variables, including geography, age, gender, and interests. Optimization should be carried out at intervals of three to five to seven days in order to improve the effectiveness of their adverts. According to the performance of the advertisements that continue in the optimization process, specific optimization work is carried out. By identifying the appropriate audience, age range, gender, and geography, it is intended to reach the correct target audience. The process continues by shutting down costly advertising models or starting up new models. Detailed optimization work is carried out during the optimization process based on the performance of the running ads. It is intended  to reach the most relevant target audience by selecting the appropriate audience, age range, gender, and geography. The process continues by either shutting or launching new advertising models that increase the expense of advertising.



A detailed weekly or monthly report of the Facebook ad works  completed is supplied in accordance with the customer's requirements (Form, Impression, Like, Site Visit...). The data in the produced report is fully consistent with the data supplied by the Facebook panel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Ads

We would like to address some of your questions before you commence working on Facebook ads with CRM Medya. We have developed a list of frequently asked questions from our clients for you to avoid making poor decisions during the advertising process.

  • What are Facebook Ads?

    Facebook advertisements may be thought of as sponsored applications through which organizations or brands can contact the audiences to whom they want to provide their products or services by developing messages that best express themselves.

  • How do Facebook advertisements help to improve sales?

    Facebook ads boost sales by reaching out to potential consumers, website visitors, and users of the brand’s mobile app. With interest-based targeting, Facebook advertising, which allow you to select the target audience for each product, enhance the shopping rate.

  • How are Facebook ad prices calculated?

    It is difficult to provide a single, basic solution to this topic. These advertising budgets, which are not paid based on the quantity of words or the area covered, are established by some factors such as the purpose, the type of advertisement used, and the number of people who are to be reached.

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