Software for Mobile Applications

In Turkey, 65% of consumers access to the internet using mobile phones and tablets. Having an application of your brand is very significant in terms of appealing to such a huge market, brand recognition in the market, and contacting your clients through “omni-channel”.

The primary objective of your application is to reach your target audience through each channe in the swiftest manner. . Mobile apps can be built in a commercial architecture or in a structure that simply represents your company’s profile.

With the presence of your brand and project in app stores, you can ensure that your consumers may follow you on alternative platforms and expand your sales channels.

Development of Android Applications

We provide tailored solutions for Android, the mobile industry platform that powers 60% of all smartphones. When developing a mobile application, we propose that you select Android, which has a large user base.

IOS Application Development

We develop innovative applications for IOS, the software that powers the iPhone, the most popular smartphone of our time, that represent your corporate identity while also making your business or company more efficient on mobile platforms.



We start the project with our own comments and suggestions after listening to all of the objectives, expectations, and requirements of the company or individual that want to have Mobile Application Software. By analyzing the customer's expectations long before the design and software commences, we identify all potential challenges before the software begins and establish the groundwork for offering a seamless and excellent service.



We design the interface of the mobile application for the visible portion of the project, keeping user convenience in mind. We submit the JPG files of the mobile screens that customers will be able to use after the program is completed to the customer for approval. If the buyer requests revisions to the pages, we complete the last touches and initiate the software infrastructure.



Our skilled software team uses approved JPG formatted interfaces as application interfaces and develops mobile apps. Depending on the project's complexity, software integration is performed using native or hybrid structures.



The application, which software has been completed, is taken to the testing environment for final inspections. At this point, logins from various devices are made, and the application is made available with various user experiences before being submitted to our customer for approval. Following final acceptance, the program is posted to the App Store and Android Market and made available to consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Applications

We wanted to address some of your concerns before you begin developing mobile applications with CRM Medya. To assist you in avoiding mistakes throughout the mobile application development process, we have devised a list of commonly asked questions from our clients.

  • How should the mobile application be designed?

    When creating a mobile application, it is essential to consider about the user. First of all, the expectations and requirements of the customer should be taken into consideration. Then, mobile application interface designs should be developed with diverse device screen sizes and user experiences in mind.

  • Why is mobile application software preferable?

    In today’s technology, mobile applications are the most crucial approach to secure a company’s renown. Only through the mobile application can the firm quickly market itself and provide a feature that its clients can readily access. Companies save time and gain more profit by being able to contact more people in less time.

  • Is the app available for both iOS and Android?

    The mobile application is designed for use on phones, tablets, and other mobile devices running iOS and Android.

  • Is it feasible to transform a website into a mobile app?

    Yes, it is conceivable. The primary need for converting a website into a mobile app is that it be responsive (mobile compliant). Websites with responsive designs may be transformed into an app with confidence.

  • Do I have to be a corporation to develop a mobile application?

    Although mobile websites and applications appear to be very similar at first glance, they differ greatly depending on the needs of the target audience, available budget, and objectives. Apps have fewer advantages than mobile websites. People can access your mobile website at any time, it is compatible with many devices, updates are instant, it reaches a larger audience, you can turn it into an app at any time, and it is easier and less expensive to convert your website to mobile. In general, developing an app makes more sense if you have games, regular use, customization, complex calculations, reporting, situations where users must use their cameras, and the requirement to reach people without the need for a connection.