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Digital advertising is highly important nowadays. The growing relevance of advertising in the digital world is due to the fact that the world of trade and business is becoming more active on social networks on a daily basis.
Advertisements sent out to users on Linkedin, which aims to keep people in the business world in contact and interaction with one another and is extremely popular as the professional world’s social media, provide advertisers with a significant advantage by appealing to a target audience with a professional identity.

Why should we use the Linkedin Ads Platform?

Linkedin advertisements are distinct from other forms of social media advertising. This is because Linkedin attracts a significant number of people who deploy their professional identity as a user profile to stand out.
Therefore, Linkedin advertisements are the best option, particularly for B2B (Business to Business) advertising. Linkedin advertisements provide advertisers with CEOs, senior managers, HR, firm owners, and workers from a wide range of enterprises and industries as target audiences.

Could Linkedin Ads Help My Business Grow?

LinkedIn advertisements, when executed with proper targeting and preparation phases , may give significant benefits to business growth. You may boost the popularity and reputation of both the product or service you market and your business if you use the correct advertising methods for the professional target audience.
In this regard, Linkedin, which is the best medium for reaching out to potential consumers or business partners, is a one-of-a-kind platform that is difficult to find in terms of target audience structure.

Criteria for Targeting Linkedin Ads

For B2B advertising, LinkedIn targeting criteria provides a variety of extremely alternative and functional filters. Many important targeting criteria are included in LinkedIn ads, which come to the forefront with location criteria in order to identify a qualified target audience from people in the business world, such as Company Title , Company Industry, Company Size, Job Seniority, Job Title, School, School Department, Diploma Grade, Member Groups, Skills, Age, Gender, Experience Status, Company Connections, and Followers.

Linkedin Advertising Costs

The cost of online ads is mostly defined by the number of people who will view the ad and the length of time the ad will be displayed. In this regard, LinkedIn advertisements are somewhat more expensive than other social media channels, but the return on investment will be satisfactory since it offers a more precise method of identifying the target audience and presenting the ad to the appropriate individuals. It is possible to contact executives from the world’s major corporations using Linkedin.
Depending on the target audience, LinkedIn ads may have to be more pricey. This implies that while click costs range from $2 to $3 for broad targeting, they can reach $6 for more specific targeting.

LinkedIn Advertising Models:

– Linkedin Text Ads: These are ads in which the ad texts are developed and published after assessing the professional audience you wish to target. You might charge by the click or by the impression.
– Linkedin Sponsored Content (Sponsored Advertisements): These ads, like Facebook ads, are an advertising technique that emphasizes the content. You may use this style of ad to showcase existing material on your company website or to produce new content.
– Linkedin Display Ads: Display Ads feature the same targeting possibilities as other ad models, but unlike Display Ads, the position and size of the ad spots are totally up to you. Linkedin Display Ads will be more successful in this regard, especially when driving visitors to websites.

– Linkedin Sponsored InMail: The Linkedin Sponsored InMail advertising strategy allows you to access 500 million Linkedin members via e-mail. You may target Linkedin Sponsored InMail advertising the same way you would target other ads.
– Follow Company Ads on Linkedin: This ad format is commonly used by businesses to enhance the number of connections on Linkedin. Companies who wish to encourage their target audience to exhibit their profiles in a way that is linked with the company use the Linkedin Follow Company Ads marketing model.

CRM Medya’s Linkedin advertisements solution allows you achieve cost-effective and maximum efficiency while presenting your product or service to crucial individuals in the professional sphere. Contact us to gain access to VIP services through CRM Medya Linkedin advertisements.

Page Analyses

Page Analyses

It is essential to look over the customer's website and page before beginning Linkedin advertisements. Advertising models are developed based on market research and client expectations. Images, text, and videos are developed by us or requested by the customer for use in the Linkedin ad models that have been defined. The advertisements are released after the Linkedin ad models have been authorized.

Account Optimization

Account Optimization

In the initial step of the Linkedin Advertising process, numerous factors such as geography, age, gender, and hobbies are targeted based on information provided by the consumer. To improve the success of their adverts, they should optimize them every 3 - 5 - 7 days.



A detailed weekly or monthly report on the Linkedin advertisement work completed is delivered in accordance with the customer's expectations (Form, Impression, Like, Site Visit...). The data in the prepared report is totally consistent with the data supplied by the Linkedin panel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Linkedin Ads

We would like to address some of your questions before we start placing Linkedin advertisements with CRM Medya. We have developed a list of frequently asked questions from our clients to help you avoid making mistakes throughout the advertising process.

  • Are LinkedIn advertisements effective?

    Linkedin grabs attention as the world’s largest, most active, and most successful professional network, with 500 million users in 200 countries. According to digital surveys, 25% of internet users in Turkey, or around 12 million professionals, utilize Linkedin. It is possible to examine the profiles of Linkedin members in greater detail and clarity. When we consider that each user profile is essentially an online CV, we may see similarities in user behaviors and interests. In this regard, people with similar interests may be readily reached via a single channel.

  • What are Linkedin targeting options?

    Linkedin ads have numerous targeting options. For instance
    Location: For Linkedin advertisements, you must select your geographic location. Ad impressions are decided by the member’s stated or IP address location.
    Firm Name: If you want to run advertising particularly for workers of a company, target your ads using the company name.
    Company Size: When making a promotion, you should consider the company size criterion when targeting workers based on their potential and reaching them.
    Job Title: This option will be useful if you want to pick based on the job titles in the member profile.

  • What is the Linkedin matching target audience?

    If you intend to reach the audiences your company needs, you should use Linkedin’s customized targeting tools, which combine rich professional data with your individual data. You may retarget your visitors using Matching Audience. You may also submit corporate lists or email addresses securely.

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