Consultation on Social Media

Social media platforms are the broad term for online platforms where businesses, brands, or people may express themselves to their target audiences as they deem appropriate. With this explanation, it is easy to understand why social media is so popular. Individuals or businesses may easily contact their target audience via social media for little or no cost. More significantly, they can communicate their viewpoint, style, and opinions to others.

In addition, businesses have the option to pick the social media channels that best reflect what they want to convey. They can select Instagram if they want to market through images, YouTube if they simply want to reflect through videos, Linkedin if they want to be entirely corporate, Snapchat if they want to be entertaining, or Facebook for all of them.

In terms of preferability, social media outperforms conventional media such as television, newspapers, and movies. This is due to

Social media platforms, which are more accessible than these platforms, are eligible for use by everyone. Messages in the traditional media cannot be amended after they have been aired, but with social media, postings and comments may be intervened in real time. In this sense, social media is free. This freedom of speech is one of the main reasons why it is preferred.

What Does CRM Media Do for You on Social Media?

Content Management
Social media, which is always active, requires consistent and adequate feeding. We translate your brand’s principles into innovative content on social media. We create blog entries, videos, photos, and gifs, as well as stay up with social media trends.

Our social media profiles are reviewed on a daily basis. Comments from direct followers are responded to right away. Customer satisfaction in this manner is critical for brand reputation.

Monitoring of Social Media
Even if you are not on social media, people are talking about your brand! Even if you’re on social media, they might not contact you. Because we have little control over this, it has the potential to snowball without our knowledge. As a result, it is critical to monitor social media using proper systems.

Crisis Management and Online Reputation
It forecasts potential brand issues, conducts research, and develops scenarios. It then takes necessary actions based on these circumstances. Our social media professionals watch social media and identify concerns that might lead to a disaster. Measures are done to prevent the situation from spreading.

Digital Public Relations
Your brand is maintained with honesty and with a public relations focus. Your brand accounts are naturally rated high in search engines by selecting SEO-friendly phrases and imagery. This is critical for social media marketing.

Social Media Management
Users and brands engage in active communication within the digital ecosystem. Uncontrolled page and campaign management might cause businesses to experience suicidal crises. Numerous crisis situations in Turkey and elsewhere in the globe highlight the significance and sensitivity of social media management for companies.

Account Opening

Account Opening

All of the company's social media accounts are created in this stage, and their respective usernames and passwords are generated.

Planning & Strategy

Planning & Strategy

Relationships are established productive for both sides in order to produce a satisfied customer perception by working on customer delivery that will stimulate trust and curiosity.



It is the process of combining the communication strategy produced for the company's  objectives with the digital assets selected for the brand and developing a different dynamic and strategic planning for each channel.



It is the reporting process that is carried out by scanning the digital environment and social media 24 hours a day, seven days a week using specific instruments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media Consultancy

We would like to address some of the questions you have in mind before you start working on Social Media with CRM Medya. We have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers so that you do not make poor decisions during the monthly consultancy process.

  • What is the definition of Social Media Management?

    In general, social media management entails how well these accounts should be used, what activities should be made to develop the pages, image management, and the steps to be taken in times of crisis.

  • Is social media management effective?

    Social media platforms that actively promote brands and businesses are appealing locations where corporate entities may directly achieve their objectives. Companies’ products may be easily introduced to consumers via social media profiles. They can collect feedback from customers more faster and information much more readily this way.

  • Is it possible to report social media accounts?

    Social media profiles are reported every 15 or 30 days. It is essential to read the data accurately in such reports.

  • How frequently should I post in my social media accounts?

    Posting 1 or more posts per day on accounts has a negative impact on engagement. 15 posts each month will suffice to keep your target audience engaged.

  • Is moderation performed?

    Social media profiles are routinely checked, and comments from followers are responded to immediately. Acting in this manner to ensure client happiness is critical to maintaining the brand’s reputation.

  • Should the names of my social media accounts be the same?

    Use the same name across all of your brand’s social media accounts to advertise your profiles on social networks more effortlessly.

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