Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising Services by CRM Media

Outdoor advertising, often known as general advertising, is advertising that the target audience sees in their daily lives. Outdoor advertising, which is preferred by companies that want to reach target audiences without intermediaries, to take place subconsciously, and to have prestige, provides the customer with numerous options with its application in a wide range of areas ranging from building cladding to bus stop banners. Today, outdoor advertising has grown significantly and can be seen in practically all of our living environments.

Outdoor advertisements, which also carry various risks, can negatively affect both the image of the company and the face of the city when they are not applied as required. In order to be successful in outdoor advertising competition in a dense residential area, ideas must be creative.

In our outdoor projects in CRM Medya, we execute interactive and efficient ads that can directly connect with the customer. We provide preferential placement on billboards, megaboards, and walls, as well as on public transportation vehicles, elevators, indoor and outdoor areas, and floor graphics.



Before we start our outdoor advertising campaigns, we at Crm Medya receive a briefing from our client and conduct an exploratory study. In order to communicate with our client in their language and to prevent duplication, we look at the projects completed so far in the same category. We commence the production process upon approval.



Our company develops design components for outdoor ads in accordance with the advertising space. We complete the final  modifications before moving on to the delivery process after submitting the designs for our clients' approval.



We do not offer printing services directly; instead, we collaborate with partners that do. We can claim that we provide some form of consultancy services. We provide material information assistance as part of the consultancy service. Although we do not provide a physical printing process, we do facilitate the application process.

Frequently Asked Outdoor Advertising Questions

We would like to address any questions you may have before you start outdoor advertising with CRM Medya. We've developed a list of commonly asked questions from our clients to assist you avoid making the wrong choices during the advertising process.

  • What is digital printing?

    The technique of transferring pictures to be printed to the required material using mathematical data is referred to as digital printing. Unlike traditional printing procedures, pictures are transferred to paper, vinyl, foil, and similar materials using a digital printing equipment.

  • What is outdoor advertising?

    Outdoor advertising encompasses any advertisements placed in open locations (including shopping malls) that are freely accessible to all people, local and international visitors. Signboards, billboards, pontoons, and flags are some of the most common examples.

  • What are the totem ads?

    Totem advertising are preferred on major thoroughfares and interstates to advertise a business, to market a product, or to indicate how far away locations like restaurants, cafeterias, and petrol stations are.

  • What exactly are billboard advertisements?

    Billboard advertisements, which we frequently come across in our daily lives, are advertising spots that may be seen on main streets, crowded districts, shopping mall entrances, and on the sides of highways as we travel. Many brands that wish to be seen on these roadways, where millions of people drive every day, enter into deals with advertising firms to market their products.

  • What do bus stop advertising entail?

    Such advertisements, which we are accustomed to seeing on the sides of municipal bus stations, are among those preferred by businesses nowadays. Bus-stop   ads are the best way to promote a company more effectively.