Instagram Ads

Instagram is an advertisement platform that allows you to not only promote your brand through visual organic content, but also to publish ads that increase the number of viewers who have seen your posts. By advertising your products and services on Instagram, which offers characteristics comparable to Facebook advertisements, you may raise awareness, increase traffic to your websites, and receive valuable feedback on purchases.

Story Ads

Instagram Stories may be used to supplement your streaming media content. With stories, you may interact with over 400 million accounts.

Ads with Photographs

You may express your narrative on a plain, straightforward, and eye-catching canvas by using images in square or landscape style.

Video Advertisements

You can capture the immersive visual quality of photo advertising by adding the power of music and motion. Videos of up to 60 seconds in length can be released in either landscape or square format.

Rotating Ads

You may add a new layer to your campaigns to allow you to view more photographs or videos in one ad with a swipe.

Ads for Collections

You may enable your target audience to search, review, and purchase products by using the collectible format. You can construct a complete tale that matches both the product and the lifestyle of your audience with collection advertising that allow you to utilize video, images, or both.

Benefits of the Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads Drive Traffic to Your Website

Instagram advertising, unlike typical, organic Instagram posts, may incorporate clickable links as part of posts marketing your brand. Such feature may be the sole determinant in your decision to advertise on Instagram.
The option to add a link to a promotional post with a call to action may be highly beneficial in generating traffic to your company’s website. Instagram only permits you to include links in posts that are displayed as advertisements.

Instagram Ads Boost Visibility

The most challenging issue for many firms in social media marketing is making their postings stand out among millions of others. You must generate compelling Instagram posts that attract people to follow your account and interact with you. To create a community and receive the interaction you seek on Instagram, it requires a lot of ingenuity and commitment. Instagram advertisements may help you reach your target audience by increasing the visibility of your posts.

Instagram Ads Raise Brand Recognition

When you use an Instagram post as an advertisement, it will show up in the news feed of your audience without looking out of place or being annoying. Your ad will instantly appear among the user stories your audience follows if you advertise using the Instagram story feature.

This kind of subtle advertisement may significantly raise brand recognition for your company. When creating your audience, you may select demographic details like age range, gender, geography, and interests. You can also decide on the budget, target audience, and duration of the Instagram ad.

As a result, you may target a specific audience with your ads and speak to those who are most likely to be interested in the goods you are advertising.

Using the website and page analysis solution from CRM Medya, you may test Instagram ads. You may use CRM Medya’s advertising strategies to reach your target demographic with the best Instagram ad results by comparing them to similar advertisements that have been placed on other platforms.

Page Analysis

Page Analysis

Before commencing Instagram advertisements, the customer's website and page should be analyzed. Advertising models are developed based on market research and client expectations. Images, text, and videos are produced by us or requested by the customer for inclusion in the Instagram ad models that have been selected. The ads are released after the generated Instagram ad models have been approved.

Account Optimization

Account Optimization

In the initial step of the advertising process, numerous factors such as geography, age, gender, and interests are targeted based on information provided by the customer. To improve the success of their ads, optimization should be completed at 3 - 5 - 7 day intervals. Detailed optimization tasks are carried out during the optimization phase based on the performance of the running adverts. Its goal is to reach the appropriate target audience by selecting the appropriate audience, age range, gender, and geography. The process continues by either shutting or launching new advertisement models that significantly increase the cost of advertising.



A complete weekly or monthly report of the Instagram marketing work done is supplied in accordance with the customer's expectations (Form, Impression, Like, Site Visit...). The data in the prepared report is totally consistent with the data supplied by the Instagram panel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Ads

We wanted to address some of your concerns before you start Instagram advertising with CRM Medya. To help you avoid making mistakes throughout the advertising process, we have developed a list of frequently asked questions from our customers.

  • What forms of targeting are available on Instagram?

    Instagram targeting types are divided into various subheadings. You may filter your target audience based on demographic information such as age, gender, and languages by using precise criteria such as provinces, cities, or nations depending on location.

    Within the scope of interests, you may more easily approach and identify your target audience based on their behaviors on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. Furthermore, by leveraging multiple signals such as geography, demographics, and hobbies, you may use automated targeting to reach an audience that may be interested in your business more efficiently.

  • How can I advertise on Instagram?

    Instagram advertisements are generated using the same Power Editor advertising tool as Facebook ads.

  • Where do my Instagram ads appear?

    Your Instagram advertisements appear in your target audience’s Instagram feed, alongside photos and videos uploaded by other Instagram accounts they follow, with a sponsored tag beneath their profile name.