3 Free E-Commerce Software You Can Download and Use Immediately

3 Free E-Commerce Software You Can Download and Use Immediately
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Best Open Source E-Commerce Software Recommendations

E-commerce has experienced significant growth recently. People have engaged in intensive online shopping during quarantine periods, marking a new era in the e-commerce sector.

By transitioning to digital, you too can claim your share of the commerce pie. If you’re looking to make a future-oriented investment, you can create an e-commerce site with a strong SEO and performance marketing infrastructure. Open source e-commerce software will be more cost-effective.

With some technical knowledge, you can open websites with professional infrastructure to conduct sales and grow your business. Below, I have listed 3 e-commerce software in order of importance. You can use these software according to your needs to create your site.

1- Magento

Magento is an e-commerce software with high-level features that has been developed over many years. It incorporates a technological infrastructure that includes PHP, Elasticsearch, Zend Framework, etc. Owned by Adobe, Magento has two different versions:

  • The first version is Open Source Magento.
  • The second version is Adobe’s paid version, which also has a cloud option. Its prices are quite high and used by globally renowned brands.

Open Source Magento is used by a large audience. You can create professional commerce infrastructures with Magento Open Source.

Magento Advantages

  • Advanced campaign module.
  • Simple and effective product category management.
  • API support.
  • SEO infrastructure.
  • Fast website when configured correctly.
  • Multi-store feature. (Think of managing multiple websites as a single site)
  • Performs well with high visitor and product numbers.

Magento Disadvantages

  • High system requirements.
  • (Performs better on dedicated machines) Modules and themes are more expensive.
  • It has a more complex structure compared to other systems.

Magento requires a longer development process and more technical knowledge compared to other systems. If your team or you have sufficient technical knowledge, you can create wonderful websites with Magento.

2- Opencart

Opencart is a very popular e-commerce software developed with open-source PHP. It is lightweight and much more understandable compared to Magento. It will allow you to successfully carry out your projects.

If you are familiar with WordPress structures, you can quickly master it with fast learning. It is completely free. You can choose Opencart for your entry and mid-level sites.

Opencart Advantages

  • The most prominent feature of Opencart is its rapid development process.
  • Themes and modules can be found at more affordable prices.
  • Does not require high system resources.
  • (Performs well with a mid-tier VPS) Ready and affordable integration options. (Marketplaces, ERP) Custom paid technical support is available.

Opencart Disadvantages

  • The modules that come with its core structure are insufficient.
  • You will need to use separate modules for everything when you want to develop your website.

If you’re looking for a quick solution, you can confidently use Opencart. It will make your job much easier with the performance it offers and the existing integrations.

3- WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a globally used e-commerce software. It allows you to create a professional-looking e-commerce site from your blog site using a plugin on WordPress. With WooCommerce’s wide selection of plugins, you can customize your website as you wish.

Especially with the recent integrations, you can carry out integration processes with your ERP systems, etc. WooCommerce is also more cost-effective and delivers quick results.

WooCommerce Advantages

  • A large number and affordable selection of themes and plugins.
  • Ability to produce quick results.
  • Simple and understandable interface.
  • Professional appearance.

WooCommerce Disadvantages

  • Performance settings need to be carefully managed.
  • May not meet your complex needs due to its simplicity.

WooCommerce offers many benefits for its use. It is quite ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. It is much more affordable compared to local E-Commerce systems. With WooCommerce, you can provide services to your customers beyond their expectations.

When a good SEO is implemented on your e-commerce sites, your marginal returns will significantly increase. You can become knowledgeable by reading our article on SEO recommendations for e-commerce.

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