What is SEM and How Does It Work?

What is SEM and How Does It Work?
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What is SEM?

In this article, we aim to provide detailed information about SEM, which stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM is known for increasing the visibility of websites in search engines through advertising. The most apparent examples of SEM applications are the sponsored pages that appear first in search engine results. To define it more clearly, SEM is a highly effective advertising system that increases the visibility of websites in search engines through advertisements.

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How Does SEM Work?

SEM plays a crucial role in bringing websites to visitors through advertisements on search engines. Therefore, the selection of the content of the advertisements and the texts belonging to the ads is significant. Additionally, SEM brings various advantages.

Let’s take a closer look at how SEM works.

  • SEM helps websites to be seen by internet users. It is possible for advertisements given to search engines for original pages to be displayed at the top.
  • Moreover, it ensures that products or services reach the target audience and targets real buyers.
  • Different advertising models and applications allow users to reach the homepage or other pages of the relevant website.
  • It is effective in detecting the movements of users as a result of visits to the website. This way, it is possible to improve websites and generate new ideas.
  • It helps products or services reach potential customers.
  • On the other hand, SEM analyses in terms of site graphics, visitor numbers, or conversions enable the development of new marketing strategies.
  • It contributes to achieving the highest efficiency with a minimum advertising budget.

How is SEM Done in Digital Marketing?

SEM helps make websites visible by giving paid ads to search engines. Therefore, it is essential to make the right choices regarding the content and texts of the ads: During the creation of advertising contents, it is necessary to precisely identify the target audience and select keywords that match their interests. Additionally, examining the advertising texts used by competitor websites and conducting a detailed analysis of these sites is important. Accordingly, there is always a benefit in preparing advertising contents in an attention-grabbing manner. Also, choosing advertising visuals should not overlook utilizing products or services related to the website. After deciding on all these, the final stage is to create an advertising campaign, decide on the budget to be spent on the created advertising campaign, and then create the advertisement.

Creating an Advertising Campaign Using

Google Since Google is the most widely used search engine globally, advertising campaigns we want to appear on Google are generally created using Google Ads. If you want to reach your target customer base in the online world, creating advertising campaigns with Google Ads will be an excellent solution for you. Let’s see the simple steps of using Google Ads together;


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Creation on Google Ads To create advertising campaigns, we first need to obtain a Google Ads account. You can start creating your account by clicking the “Get Started” button on the page.

Writing Ads

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After creating your account, you can start creating your advertising campaign step by step. You will be directed to the ad writing page, where you should write details about your business and its name in the “create a headline” step. Then, you can add details related to your business and any keywords you want to highlight in the “Description” section. After adding your website and contact information, you can complete the ad writing part and move on to the next step.

Location Selection

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After the ad writing step, the next step is location selection. You can proceed to the next step by setting the city, region, country, or other location details where you want your advertising campaign to be actively displayed.

Budget Setting

google ads bütçe ayarları After creating your advertising campaign and deciding on the location where it will be displayed, you can move on to the final step, which is budget planning. Google displays advertising campaigns based on an auction system, meaning the advertising campaign that pays the most for the desired service or keyword is ranked at the top and displayed the most. Therefore, planning the budget while creating an advertising campaign is very important; you should determine your advertising budget considering the visibility of your ad and the amount you want to spend monthly.

Then, by entering your payment details, you can create your advertising campaign. Now, your ad can start being used, and you can track conversions from Google conversion tracking services like Google Analytics.

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