What is a Pop Up?

What is a Pop Up?
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With the digital world developing at an incredible pace, both the number of users and the number of websites and service providers are observed to be increasing every day. Websites often offer services with the aim of making a profit by using certain tools and methods. Pop ups are one of these profit-oriented methods. So, what is a pop up? Simply put, a pop up is the name given to windows that open automatically when you enter a site. Pop ups, aiming to promote the products or services of advertisers, to prompt an action, or to provide information, are encountered on almost every site today.


Why Are Pop Ups Used?

Pop ups or popup notifications are generally used for advertising purposes. They can also be used to provide information or to prompt an action. However, it is known that this method can also be used for negative purposes, such as installing malicious software on the user’s computer. Therefore, users generally may have a negative view of pop ups.

However, the main purpose of this application can be characterized as announcing products or services that match the user’s interests. Trusted websites can place useful pop ups in appropriate places. Such applications can also be used for purposes like measuring user experience.


What Are the Types of Pop Ups?

Pop ups can be mainly categorized under two headings. One of the most common types of pop-ups is the software that opens when a user clicks on an image or a link on the visited site. The second frequently used type of pop up is the software that appears automatically when a site is visited. Automatically appearing pop ups can disappear from the screen without any intervention. It is also possible to encounter many different applications like desktop notifications and notification balloons, passive pop ups.

E-commerce sites use many different types of pop ups. Pop up applications that remind the product in the cart, present a message to the user intending to leave the site, aim to prompt action, list the last visited products or pages, and are used to get feedback are commonly seen.


What Are the Advantages of Pop Up Notifications?

  • It is an extremely effective way to reach the target audience or customer directly.
  • It is possible to generate site internal or inter-site traffic using pop ups.
  • They are methods that can be used both on desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Pop ups can be applications that generate significant revenue.


What Are the Disadvantages of Pop Up Notifications?

  • Excessive use in a way that negatively affects the user experience, such as being overly large or used for a long duration, can shorten the time spent on the site.
  • Similarly, pop ups with a difficult usage structure can cause the site to be abandoned.


What to Consider When Creating a Pop Up?

The first thing to consider when creating a pop up is to have a clear definition of the target audience. The audience visiting the site should be known, and user experience should be taken into account.

Pop ups should have designs that will not annoy the user. From this perspective, a pop up design that covers a large part of the page and blocks the content intended to be displayed can negatively affect the user experience and lead to a decrease in site traffic. In this context, choosing a pop up design that disappears after a certain period can also be an effective way. Applications that do not hinder the user’s navigation on the site are a correct method to achieve the goal.

The position of the pop up on the screen is also very important. Here, it is important that the window does not cover the content, as well as not being in an unnoticed place.

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