What is a Sidebar?

What is a Sidebar?
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Sidebar, which is used by people who have a website, is the name given to the sides of the website, the right and left sides. The Turkish translation of a sidebar, which provides great convenience to the visitors of the site, also provides an advantage in terms of SEO compatibility. Sidebar can be used for many different purposes, contributing to the successful management of the space on the site. Depending on the purpose and content of the website, sidebars, which can be arranged with various strategies, contribute to the organization of the content on the site. With a regular and practical use of the page layout, you can also have a chance to increase the internet traffic of your site.


What is a Sidebar?

The answer to the question of what is a sidebar can generally be given as the arrangement of the site with the bars on the sides of the site. Sidebar is used on pages for many different purposes. Sidebar elements are determined considering the design and content of the site. External links can be advertised with the bars on the right or left side of the site. Thus, an increase in traffic to the sites is ensured. One of the prominent purposes of using sidebars is advertising. Product and service advertisements located on the side of the site help visitors to reach them easily. Sidebar, which also contributes to users spending more and more productive time on the site, is also an ideal point for social media links of your site. Sidebars, which are also ideal for areas such as popular content, categories, and subscription form, increase the quality of page layout as they are arranged specifically for content. By using the correct sidebar, you can provide your users with a successful experience and increase your traffic.


How to Use Sidebar?

Sidebar usage is the area where secondary content is used unlike the main content of the web page. Therefore, the purposes of using sidebars also vary depending on the situation. Some of the prominent points in the use of sidebars, which contribute to the organization of the operation of the site and also help to draw attention to different parts of the site, are as follows:

  • It can be preferred for site-related forms or messages by ensuring that the content flow is a whole.
  • It enables the practical provision of complementary secondary content to the main content.
  • It is ideal for pages and content where traffic needs to be increased.
  • It can be used for links, announcements, search boxes, and forms. It provides great convenience in notifying advertisements and campaigns.


Types of Websites Where Sidebar Should Be Used

The use of sidebars, which contribute to the improvement of the website, is quite useful for most websites. However, the importance of using a sidebar for certain websites is much more. With the right strategy and usage, the site’s efficiency is much higher. The use of sidebars is critical for content-oriented websites. Making proper use of sidebars on content-heavy websites such as news, blogs, magazines, and more increases and facilitates user interaction. Another type of website where a sidebar should be used is online shopping sites. With the sidebar, visitors easily reach the products they want. In addition, methods such as other products, campaigns, cart buttons, and previous purchases can also be used with the sidebar. You can easily find answers to all your questions about sidebar usage by visiting CRM Media.

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