What is Google Trends? How is it Used?

What is Google Trends? How is it Used?
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In an era where the internet becomes more active with each passing day, the curiosities, orientations, and demands of internet users are of great importance. These trends are particularly significant for website owners or those offering e-commerce services, as understanding user expectations and demands can simplify the delivery of successful online services and revenue generation. The term “trend,” which holds great importance in television, print publishing, eating and drinking habits, fashion, and many other consumption areas, also signifies consumption habits or consumer demands in the digital realm. In this sense, the importance of applications like Google Trends, which analyze internet trends effectively, has greatly increased.

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What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free service that provides data based on search statistics on Google, the world’s most popular search engine, showing how popular specified words are over certain time periods or locations. With this service, you can analyze not only specific words but also compare different words or groups of words, see the most popular words for certain periods or locations, and utilize the in-depth analyses offered by Google Trends to make the services you provide on the internet more efficient.

Google Trends works by matching search queries and the popularity of news published online at the stage of obtaining the data it analyzes. Thus, the trend list consists of topics that have been searched for extensively on search engines and have attracted significant interest in published content.

How is Google Trends Used?

Google Trends offers trend analyses within specified date ranges or locations (country or city). To use this service, you can visit the Google Trends page and conduct research as you wish. The homepage will display certain trends and comparisons specific to the period of your visit. If you wish to research a different word/group of words or period, you can enter the desired word group in the search bar to perform a trend analysis. In the tab at the top right of the search bar, you can select the country you wish to research; after viewing the results, you can then examine the results sorted by provinces in that country.

What is the Purpose of Google Trends?

This service, which is easily accessible and free to use for everyone, offers reliable and consistent analyses as it references the world’s most used search engine. Individuals or organizations operating online can follow popular news and developments affecting the agenda using Google Trends’ advanced tools. In this sense, Trends is quite functional for content creators in terms of increasing traffic to their websites. Increasing the number of visitors to websites is extremely important as it enables site owners to generate passive income.

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What are the Benefits of Google Trends?

Google Trends has numerous benefits, especially for owners of commercial websites. If you are an owner of a website that earns advertising revenue or offers e-commerce services, you can check the popularity of your brand through Google Trends and gain knowledge about the keywords related to the services your brand offers. Placing these keywords in your content positively affects your site’s traffic.

Additionally, comparing your site with another brand or website offering the same service and seeing which areas you are ahead or behind becomes much easier thanks to Google Trends. Furthermore, by analyzing trends according to location, you can conduct market research and find out which countries or cities your products or services are interested in.

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