What is the Message Management System (MMS)?

What is the Message Management System (MMS)?
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What is MMS?

In this article, where we seek answers to questions like “What is MMS?” and “Why is it used?”, you can also gain detailed information about MMS (Message Management System). The Message Management System is a digital platform that facilitates the management of permissions or complaints related to commercial electronic messages, authorized directly by the Ministry of Trade under the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce and the Regulation on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages, operational since May 1, 2015, and presented by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.


What is a Commercial Electronic Message?

Commercial electronic messages are all commercial communication activities carried out using electronic communication channels to promote, market products and services, or to bring more attention to a business, conducted by real or legal persons in line with commercial transactions.

How Does the Message Management System Work?

Managed from a single center…

The MMS, serving as a secure database created for commercial electronic message permissions, assists in storing all commercial electronic permissions and complaints. Marketing, promotion, campaign, discount, gift, and advertisement-related commercial electronic messages created by service providers must be uploaded to the Message Management System to be delivered to customers via voice call, message, or email. Subsequently, the recipients, that is, the citizens, have the right to use the commercial electronic message permissions at any moment they wish.

A secure database for commercial electronic message permissions…

Thanks to the management conducted from a single center, recipients can view the permissions they have given to service providers to send commercial electronic messages. Moreover, the system includes details about which channel, when, or from where the permission viewing can be performed. Additionally, service providers can organize the permissions they have given through channels like calls, messages, and emails via the Message Management System. Of course, all these operations are easily performed from a single point.

Commercial electronic messages under control…

On the other hand, the Message Management System, which ensures the control of commercial electronic messages, enables the sending of permitted messages to citizens. If the right to opt-out is exercised, the MMS filtering method prevents sending commercial electronic messages to recipients who have exercised their right to reject.

Fast and easy complaint management…

Recipients who refuse to receive commercial electronic messages from service providers through any channel can use their right to complain via the Message Management System whenever they wish.

Contact information always safe…

All permissions in the Message Management System, along with contact addresses, are stored within a national database, thus ensuring complete data security.

Is MMS Registration Mandatory?

Registration to MMS is mandatory for the continuation of notification services like announcements, campaigns, or promotions conducted on online platforms. Different MMS numbers are assigned to service providers and brands during MMS registration.

What are the Required Documents for MMS Application? The MMS application can only be made by those registered in MERSIS. Moreover, the person authorized according to the MERSIS registration can submit the application with their e-signature. Detailed information about the application can be accessed at

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