The New Address for Vacation: Holimax is Established!

The New Address for Vacation: Holimax is Established!
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Differentiating itself from its competitors with its innovative approach and reliable service quality that changes the holiday standards in Turkey, HOLIMAX, which has been established as a CRM Group investment, has been brought to life. Established under the roof of CRM Tourism, which has been a companion to hundreds of tourism facilities since 2011, HOLIMAX stands out as one of the most important brands for safe vacations.

With its investments in amusement parks, health tourism, real estate sector, food and beverage investments, activities in the music sector, as well as call center services, digital marketing, and sales support, CRM Group, one of the most important partners of tourism facilities, also offers solutions to its customers with international service quality under the Holimax brand.

Holimax, aiming to bring together hundreds of hotels under its umbrella, brings a new breath to the tourism sector with its expert teams in both marketing and operations, as well as post-sales support.

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