What is Google Data Studio?

What is Google Data Studio?
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The internet giant Google, widely preferred as both a search engine and a digital marketing tool, stores users’ website visits as data within its ecosystem. These stored data are organized in a way that can be utilized in digital marketing activities later on. Especially Google Ads and Google Analytics data contain crucial information used for marketing in various sectors. Google Data Studio is another Google tool that allows these data to be transformed into readable reports. With this tool, a wealth of information about websites and users can be regularly reported to companies. Data Studio, open for personal use, emerges as one of the most preferred platforms for Google users in the field of marketing. So, what exactly is Google Data Studio with a closer look?


Which Transferable Data are Available for Google Data Studio?

In simplest terms, Data Studio is a platform used to report research conducted on search engines, website visits, and other user behaviors. E-commerce sites, media agencies, advertising, and marketing organizations often require data reports. In order to obtain these reports in a readable format, Google data must be technically transferred correctly. Otherwise, deciphering the desired results from the data can be quite challenging. At this stage, technical knowledge and expertise play a significant role on the road to success. CRM Media professionals aim to provide you with the best service exactly at this point. The following data can be transferred and used in Data Studio from Google:

  • AdWords,
  • Attribution 360,
  • DCM,
  • Google Analytics,
  • Search Console,
  • YouTube,
  • BigQuery,
  • File upload,
  • Firebase,
  • Google Cloud Storage,
  • Google Sheets


Preparing Data Studio Reports

The steps to prepare a data report with Google Data are as follows:

  • Log in to the Studio program online. Then click on the new report tab.
  • Connect the report to the data source you want to pull data from, such as Google Analytics or Ads.
  • Authorize the program to process the data.
  • In the next step, you will encounter dimensions and metrics.

After this step, you can select the data and visualize the parts you need. Although it seems to be easy to use, you may need some technical knowledge to report data. At this stage, working with a social media and website consultancy agency by leaving the job to the experts offers you an advantage.


Why Should Data Studio be Used?

Data obtained from social media and other online platforms provide great convenience, especially for firms and individual initiatives in digital marketing. Data can be used to understand user preferences and develop new marketing strategies accordingly. Moreover, obtaining data reports smoothly and regularly from search engines and social media platforms, where millions of user data are available, is critical for determining strategies. Google Data offers you the best reporting system to optimize websites and increase visibility in front of users. Additionally, by using the platform, you can achieve the following benefits for your company or personal initiative:

  • Regular data flow.
  • Classification of data in the best way and organization according to usage purpose.
  • Identification of the habits and expectations of the target audience.
  • Ensuring continuity in digital marketing and website optimization through reporting and recording progress.

You can also try to get expert support to make the best use of the Data system in your company. By reaching website optimization, Google services, and much more provided by CRM Media, you can solidify your place in digital markets, and make a difference in the industry by surpassing your competitors.

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