Increasing Google Ads Quality Score

Increasing Google Ads Quality Score
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What is Quality Score?

Every brand wants its own advertisement to always appear at the top in Google searches to be in the forefront. Quality Score is the score given by Google from 1 to 10 to measure the quality of your advertisements’ keywords. The reason Google scores the designated keywords is entirely designed to provide better results to users. Therefore, Google has felt the need to score the elements determined by advertisers to be able to show the closest advertisement related to the searches made to users.

Increasing Quality Score in 5 Steps

Quality score within the Google Ads ad arrangement directly affects Google’s quality score variables such as the relevance of keywords, the quality of the landing page, and the click-through rate. We have listed the steps you need to take to increase Google Ads Quality Score.

  • Conduct Keyword Analysis
  • Use Negative Keywords
  • Create Campaigns According to Ad Groups
  • Create Relevant Keyword and Ad Text
  • Perform Landing Page Optimization

Google Ads, like all other SEO efforts, is a dynamic process. Therefore, you can analyze regularly and plan according to the results.

Conduct Keyword Analysis

Keywords are crucial for increasing the quality score. A visitor on Google ensures the visibility of your advertisement or website by typing keywords into the search box. Therefore, keyword analysis should be done accurately. Choose keywords that create density on your website for users. Use the keywords with the highest search probability.

Use Negative Keywords

These types of keywords are included in the keyword groups that hinder the display of your advertisement. Through negative keywords, you can create keywords that you do not want to specify for your advertisement. In this way, you can keep other people outside your target audience away from your website. Using negative keywords correctly is important for quality score. It’s not beneficial for people to just click on your site. People outside your target audience quickly leave your website, which leads to a decrease in your quality score.

Create Campaigns According to Ad Groups

When creating your Google Ads campaigns, it is efficient to work specifically on ad groups first. This way, the relevance level and search query between ads increase.

You can set up numerous ad groups according to the keyword analysis you have determined for your ads. You can prepare special ad texts according to the ad groups you have determined. However, while doing this, you should show ads that directly answer the questions people are looking for. If people who click on your ads are directed to a page where they will find answers directly, your quality score will increase more.

To create campaigns according to ad groups, you can carry out various works in different groups. For example;

Ad Group: Books

  • Textbooks
  • History Books
  • Computer Books
  • Children’s Books

Create Engaging Ad Texts

You should create your ad texts in line with the desires of your target audience. Ad text is one of the most important factors affecting Google Ads Quality Score. Therefore, ad texts should be attention-grabbing for visitors to your site. By creating engaging and accurate ad texts, you can increase clicks. You should also create ad texts that clearly answer the questions visitors ask by including effective keywords. Another important point is that the details mentioned in the ad text must be present on your landing page.

Perform Landing Page Optimization

The most effective way to increase the quality score is to optimize the landing page. You need to include content containing the keywords you target for each of your ad groups on your landing page. For a landing page with high relevance, you will achieve higher conversion rates. After reviewing your ads, people who search will click on your ads and visit your page. When they see a page that meets their expectations, potential customers can now become your customers. If visitors to your site are directed directly to the page they want, your quality score will increase. User experience also improves.

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