Google Engineers Report! Quality Is The Leading Factor In Indexing

Google Engineers Report! Quality Is The Leading Factor In Indexing
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In a recently published podcast discussion, it was stated that quality content is the most significant factor affecting Google’s decisions to index and crawl websites.

  • Quality affects everything in search, especially indexing.
  • However, quality content does not guarantee higher rankings.
  • Removing low-quality content can help improve Google’s perception of a site.

According to a recent discussion between John Mueller and Gary Illyes from Google’s Search Relations team, quality is a critical factor affecting nearly every aspect of search.

During the latest “Unrecorded Search” podcast, the duo deeply explored the role of quality in everything from crawling and indexing to ranking.

Although quality content does not guarantee high ranking, it can influence Google’s interaction with a site.

Additionally, common SEO myths were debunked during the conversation.

Here are the highlights from the latest podcast episode.

Quality Affects Every Aspect of Search

According to Gary Illyes, quality is an important factor affecting everything in all search systems, from sitemaps to ranking. Emphasizing the scope of quality’s role, Gary Illyes stated, “Quality affects almost everything that Search systems do.”

The discussion revealed that Google’s crawling scheduler uses quality signals to prioritize URLs for crawling. If Google knows there are X URLs to be crawled from a site, it tries to create a ranked list based on the estimated quality.

Illyes also mentioned that quality is an important factor when it comes to indexing decisions: “The most important thing is quality. It is always quality. And from an external perspective, I think people might not want to believe this, but quality is the biggest driving force in most of our indexing and crawling decisions.”

The quality of a website can even affect the crawling process for new sites. For example, if a new page is discovered through sitemaps, Google looks back at the quality of the previously crawled homepage to decide whether to crawl the new page.

The Role of Quality in Ranking

Although quality affects how Google crawls and indexes pages, it does not always mean higher rankings.
Illyes explained that having high-quality content does not automatically guarantee a top position in Google’s search results.
From the latest episode, it is clear that publishing only high-quality content will not achieve rankings in Google search engine. Here, the ranking factors that Google has been applying for years come into play, making quality content alone insufficient for high rankings.

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