Turkey’s First “Phenomenon Academy” Established!

Turkey’s First “Phenomenon Academy” Established!
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Social media influencers who have become the faces of brands in advertisements are becoming academically inclined. Boom Club, the creator of Turkey’s first Phenomenon Academy, will provide various lessons to influencers ranging from music to diction, opening doors for them in cinema and music as well. With a 1 million lira investment, aspiring influencers preparing to earn diplomas through the 6-month education provided by Boom Club will also attract attention internationally with the opportunity to become stars.

With the rapid increase in social media usage during the pandemic period, brands have also directed their advertising efforts towards these platforms. The predominant advertising agreements of brands shifting their focus to digital platforms have been with “Influencer” communication. While there was a 7.9 billion TL advertising investment in the first 6 months of 2020, 55% of this amount took place on digital platforms. To ensure that the “Swipe Up” advertisements, which many of us frequently encounter during the day, are produced by more qualified individuals, a new initiative has been launched. At the Boom Club, planned as an “Academy” for social media influencers with millions of followers, trained influencers will be produced for the first time in Turkey. In the Boom Club, a group of 6 influencers, specially selected under the management of Oğuzhan Keser and followed by a total of 23 million people, will both live in the prepared ultra-luxurious villa and receive various training from knowledgeable celebrities. From diction to visual shows, from music to communication, influencers will receive training in many fields and embark on the journey to stardom.


This House is Followed by 23 Million People!

The team of Boom Club, consisting of millions of followers on Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube, includes Mehmet Javeed, Yiğit Resmi, Sametizs, Aysude Resmi, Barış Resmi, and Yeşim Resmi, the owners of official accounts. During their time at the academy, influencers will have the chance to win various prizes through organized competition formats, and only one of the influencers will own a luxury car at the end of 6 months. Only 4 out of the 6 influencers at the Boom Club will have the right to become certified influencers. The competitive struggles of influencers, who will sweat for diplomas and gifts, will also be shared on Boom Club’s social media accounts for enthusiasts.

Established with a 1 million TL investment, Boom Club consists of important players in the sector. CRM Group, one of the leading brands in Digital Advertising, Mehmet Erkmen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Union Istanbul, Entrepreneur Investor Ali Gökçiler, and Rap music figure Ramiz have come together to create Boom Club. Graduates from the academy will also have the title of being the “First” trained influencers in Turkey’s influencer communication. After graduation, they will also have the opportunity to create their own music, act in movies, and have the chance to expand internationally.

“70.8% of Turkey’s population uses social media”

Ramazan Becer, Co-founder of Boom Club, who emphasized that the pandemic process affected not only trade but also communication, said, “Daily social media usage in our country is approaching over 3 hours due to this process. 70.8% of the population uses social media. People from almost every field, from sports to art, showcase themselves on social media. This means very attractive platforms for advertisers to reach their target audience. With the increasing intensity of advertising on these networks, there is a trend towards ‘mouth to mouth’ communication campaigns. Individuals with high numbers of followers, termed as influencers, have entered the radar of brands. However, when we look at Turkey, the concept of Influencer is merely based on the number of followers. When we look at the world, there are individuals who develop their talents, directing their careers beyond “Influencer”ship. With the Boom Club Academy, we took a step to enable our young people with millions of followers to discover and develop their talents and turn the concept of “Influencer” into a profession. After this education, we will organize collaborations with Turkey’s most important brands.”

“There is an ‘Influencer’ pollution in the music industry!”

Ramiz Bayraktar, Co-founder of Boom Club, especially drew attention to the songs released in the music industry in recent years, saying, “We witness that every influencer releases a song. These songs, made solely to gain interaction without considering infrastructure, sound quality, or song quality, emerge like straw fires and do not contribute to the industry. We embarked on this path to truly be talent scouts and give chances to talents who can reach millions of people on social media. After completing the training at our academy, we will also be there for them in their music careers.

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