Turkey’s First Tourism Influencer Agency, Regnum Partners, Was Established!

Turkey’s First Tourism Influencer Agency, Regnum Partners, Was Established!
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CRM Group has established Regnum Partners, focusing on innovative marketing strategies, especially in the tourism sector, marking yet another first in Turkey. Regnum Partners has been launched as a brand that engages in influencer communication across all sectors in Turkey, bringing brands together with influencers and designing customized sales strategies for corporations. Introducing the exclusive “Smart Affiliate Program” for the tourism sector for the first time in Turkey, Regnum Partners contributes to promoting Turkey’s tourism facilities with hundreds of influencers.

Regnum Partners, aiming to accelerate the activities of the sectors and brands it serves with Turkish and international influencers, does what has not been done in the digital advertising world and aims to boost our economy. Influencer communication with accurate targeting!

Every brand aims to create its marketing strategies to achieve the right promotion in the shortest way possible. Regnum Partners creates a personalized influencer marketing program for brands. Not every influencer appeals to your target audience. We work to determine your customer base and deliver your brand to the right audience as quickly as possible. By directing highly engaging and targeted influencers to your brands, we ensure your promotion is done in the most accurate way.

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