10 Sales and Marketing Methods for Your E-commerce Site

10 Sales and Marketing Methods for Your E-commerce Site
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If you have an e-commerce site, you should reach more people and increase your sales. You should do certain marketing activities for more visitors to your e-commerce site or people who leave your site without making a purchase. Your primary goal should be to attract new visitors to your e-commerce site and then make these people visit your site again. It is possible to increase the traffic of your e-commerce site and your online sales with many sales and marketing ways. In this article, we will try to explain 10 sales and marketing methods that you can use for your e-commerce site.


Professional SEO Works

SEO is the name given to the work that aims to rank high in Google in words related to your e-commerce site. The more words related to you on the first page of Google, the more visitors you will have and your online sales will increase. Do not hesitate to get professional SEO service and invest! Because the method that will provide you with the most traffic organically is always SEO. In professional SEO work, firstly, the areas where your e-commerce infrastructure is lacking in SEO are identified and overhauled, and then work on content and social media is carried out. Good infrastructure, speed, social media activity and quality content are the leading criteria of a successful SEO study. Having an e-commerce site with successful SEO is the most important factor for you in the long run. Moreover, we can say that the most important labour and financial investment you will make in your e-commerce site is SEO.


Google Ads Search Adverts

Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, advertising on keywords will take you directly to the person looking for the relevant product. Therefore, you can get very fast positive feedback with Google Ads search adverts. It is possible to create adverts for the words or phrases you want on Google Ads. For example, if you have an e-commerce site that sells silver jewellery, you can place ads for phrases such as “Silver Necklace” – “Silver Earrings” – “Gift Silver” and reach people looking for this product. The use of Google Ads is an issue that requires some detailed information and needs to be studied by making good analyses. The cost per click of each word is different, and the amounts to be spent vary according to the ranking of the advertisement that each word will receive. We strongly recommend that you use Google Ads adverts for your e-commerce site within a certain budget. If you have no idea about Google Ads or do not want to deal with it yourself, you can get professional service for Google Ads.


Google Ads Re-Marketing

With remarketing, you can attract people who visit your e-commerce site back to your e-commerce site. One of the most effective methods that can be used for this is Google Ads remarketing ads. With this advertising application, you can show your ads on websites that broadcast Google Ads ads to people who visit your e-commerce site. Almost every news, blog or similar sites publish Google Ads adverts. In addition, Google Ads adverts are also published on In this case, using Google Ads remarketing ads, it is quite easy to reach a person who has visited your site later on the internet. It is a fact that repeated visits will create a positive reaction in undecided buyers to place an order. Therefore, you should use Google Ads remarketing ads to increase the orders of your e-commerce site. Remarketing is not only a type of advertisement that will increase your orders; remarketing ads will also increase your brand awareness as it will increase your visibility.


Use Social Media Intensively

First of all, you should use Facebook and Instagram effectively. Create useful and interesting posts about your products from time to time, and from time to time about your industry and products, and share them on these channels. Respond quickly to comments on your posts or user messages that reach you directly. Being effective on social media will strengthen your e-commerce site. Do not hesitate to allocate budget for advertisements on social media. Create adverts on Facebook and Instagram. Doing a good job on social media will also benefit you a lot in SEO.


Instagram Ads

The posts you create on Instagram are visible to your followers and some other limited users. So access may be low. You can use Instagram ads so that your post can reach larger audiences. This type of advertisement that you can use with low budgets will benefit your e-commerce site. In addition, it will help increase the followers of your Instagram account. When creating promotion on Instagram, you can make promotions by targeting the audience closest to you by making choices on topics such as gender, age, interest.


Facebook Adverts

Just like Instagram, you can make adverts on Facebook by creating an audience. Women between the ages of 20-40 living in Turkey, or parents between the ages of 30-40 are examples of the audiences you can create. While you can prepare promotions that only highlight your post on Instagram, there are types of advertisements on Facebook such as website visits, highlighting a created post, increasing the number of likes of the page. For your e-commerce site, website clicks and post highlighting can be a good choice for advertising options.


Facebook Remarketing

You can show the adverts you create on Facebook to people who have previously visited your e-commerce site. In this way, you can call your visitors back to your e-commerce site again, just like Google Ads re-advertisements. Repeated visits will visibly increase your orders.



It can be called posts created by accounts that are famous or have many followers on social media with the logic of product placement. It is a very effective way of marketing because it does not target directly through the product and is prepared in a natural flow. With this method, your products reach a very high audience and in addition, the interaction of your social media account increases.



Video marketing is a very effective method for e-commerce sites. First of all, you should create your own Youtube channel and prepare and publish videos with quality content about your products – your industry. Videos are more interesting and effective than text or image images. Preparing videos for your products is very important both to increase interest in your e-commerce site and to increase your interaction on social media. Including videos on your product pages will also add value to your orders.


Email Marketing

Email marketing, a classic digital marketing tool, has not lost its importance despite going through many phases. You should send emails consisting of your new products and campaigns to your approved members and customers at certain intervals. You should make sure that these messages are professionally prepared and have sufficient attractiveness. Sending emails too often can give you a headache, so you should send professionally prepared, striking messages to your members at certain intervals. In the messages you send, you should make sure that there is a cancellation button for the user’s e-newsletter subscription and that the person will not receive e-newsletters from you again when they make this cancellation. This is a very important detail both legally and for the satisfaction of your member. Never send emails to your customers or members without their consent. When becoming a member, you should ask whether they want to be a newsletter member, and you should ensure that those who are newsletter members can leave this membership at any time.

We have shared the marketing tools that will benefit your e-commerce site for you. While you can manage some tools yourself, you can choose to get professional service for some of them. Remember that when you make sensible investments in your e-commerce site with the right marketing tools, you will get it back with more.

The sole purpose of all the tools we have mentioned is to attract more visitors to your e-commerce site. As the number of visitors increases, your online orders will increase. In addition, all these tools we mentioned support each other. For example, a user who logs into your e-commerce site via Instagram may find a video on your website interesting and subscribe to your Youtube channel. The marketing profit you gain from this is that you can now reach this user on Youtube. In the same way, you can reach the person who is looking for a product he is interested in with an organic search result, the person can start following you on your social media accounts. Thus, you can have the opportunity to reach people from dozens of channels with an interaction. As long as you produce quality content, keep the interaction up to date and invest in remarketing adverts, these people will always remain in your target audience.

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