The 8 Most Common SEO Mistakes

The 8 Most Common SEO Mistakes
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Why is SEO Important?

SEO is crucial for ranking at the top in search engines like Google, Yandex, and Bing. Starting with technical SEO and progressing from there will greatly benefit you. Organic traffic is always a major advantage for you. Implementing solutions will help organize your website and facilitate rapid progress.

1- Lack of an SEO Roadmap

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If you are starting an SEO project, you must have an SEO roadmap. You need to make monthly, 6-month, and long-term plans. This will greatly help you progress. You can solve your technical errors, content, and other SEO problems by following your roadmap step by step. Breaking it down into stages will greatly benefit you in SEO. You can prepare this on Google Drive, Excel, or different paid programs.

2- Not Prioritizing Site Speed

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Google announced a comprehensive update for user experience in 2021. If you want to offer a good user experience, your website needs to load quickly. This isn’t just about having a fast server. Core Web Vitals metrics, SSL, mobile compatibility, and many other criteria are included. You can reach your target audience faster by reading our article, ’12 Steps to Speed Up Your Site and Increase Conversion Rates’.

You can check your site speed on Google PageSpeed, For more detailed information about the 2021 update, visit the link below.

3- Ignoring Local Searches

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Whether you are a local or national company, you need to pay attention to local searches. You need to discover the potential in local searches. Google search results can differ even street by street in America. Progressing in SEO with local searches in mind can help you achieve success more quickly.

4- Multilingual Site Errors

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If you have a multilingual site, you must set Google’s multi-language SEO guidelines. Although it may seem minor, it can have a big impact on your site. You can get detailed information from the link below.

5- Not Using Semantic HTML

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If your site uses classic HTML and has a complex code structure, you need to use Semantic HTML5 to provide more information about your content to search bots.

With Semantic HTML5, you can provide detailed information to search bots about your content. For example, you use the tag for menus. By dividing your website into parts, you will ease the work of Google search bots with tags created for each section.

6- Presence of Weak Content

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If you have a page on your site, it must deliver value. You need to discover old content you wrote, pages you forgot about or were created by your software.

You should identify pages that do not provide sufficient information to your visitors due to unused or weak content and take action.

These pages can be deleted or redirected to similar relevant pages with a 301 code. Remember, content now has a big impact with the new SEO updates.

7- Incorrect Robots.txt


Configuration Through the robots.txt file located in the root directory of your site, you can determine what bots can and cannot crawl on your site.

If you configure robots.txt incorrectly, you may block content on your site that could bring valuable visitors.

You can follow robots.txt and other scope errors in detail from the coverage section of Search Console. You can update your site’s robots.txt by reading our article, ‘What is Robots.txt and How is it Created?’.

8- Incorrect Redirects

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Misconfiguring HTTP status codes is harmful to SEO. Especially in custom software, we frequently encounter these errors.

You might encounter problems such as pages that should return a 404 HTTP status returning 200, or pages that should return a 301 returning 302 instead.

You can check which HTTP code your pages have on websites like Screaming SEO Frog, Search Console, and for a quick check.

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